Follow These Rules To Avoid Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

Punctuation Rules

Writing is the best work a person can do to express his feelings and thinking. It is the only thing which makes a person to put his inner thing out in front of public. Whether you are student, blogger, article writer or a book writer you need your content full understandable by your reader. The topic you are writing on depicts your thinking and feelings about it to the reader and may be your writing material help to change his points regarding the topic. But these things somehow become difficult because some of us commit so many grammatical and punctuation mistakes in our content. But in certain cases there are so many Dissertation Writing Services available that can help you to avoid these mistakes by following some simple rules.


To avoid grammatical mistakes you need to follow some simple and basic rules. All you need to do is to keep the content of your essay simple and clear for you to write as well as reader to read. First you need to avoid vague language and use concrete language at that place and you should prefer to use active voice while making your sentences for an essay as it means that subject is performing the verb whereas if you use passive voice you make your reader think that the subject receives the action. You should avoid using there is, there was, it is and it was again and again is your content. For avoiding the confusion for reader you should avoid the use of two negative words to make a positive one without giving a good reason behind it. By making parallel constructions you can offer several ideas by using consistent grammatical forms. You should check the word order of your sentence carefully as it can ruin your sentence badly. You should made a full sentence by using independent clause with a phrase or dependant clause otherwise it will become a sentence fragment and ruin your essay and efforts you made to write it.


To avoid punctuation mistakes you need to follow some basic rules. All you need to do is to keep your essay simple by adding punctuation where there is need of them. You should end your sentence with the correct punctuation mark by keeping in mind the statement you made as you can use a period, question mark or an exclamatory point at the end according to your sentence. This will give a full meaning to it. You should use comma wherever it is needed. Mainly it is needed when you are talking about more than one thing in a sentence and its major use is to cut off the complex sentence into pieces. You should know the use of semicolon, colon and dash after taking a look to the sentence you have made but these marks should be located at the right position otherwise your essay will be ruined. Apostrophe is one of the simplest but most misused marks of pronunciation as it can totally change the meaning of the word you are using it with. Last but not least are hyphens as they modify a noun with more than one word but can destroy your all effort if located wrongly in an essay. But you have an opportunity to get help from Dissertation Writing Services to avoid the grammatical and punctuation mistakes in your Essay.

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