How to Write a Dissertation in a Week – Day 6

Day 6 Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation in 7 days seems to be a highly impossible task but it can be accomplished if the students work hard and make a tight schedule that they follow religiously. There are many students who have the skills and the understanding to work on their dissertation and all they need is a little guidance on how to write a good research paper and succeed in their class.


After working on the first five days researching, writing and editing their papers, the sixth day is for formatting and editing dissertation. Formatting is very important as it is all about giving the right shape and appearance to the content that has been written. Formatting is essential as it plays a key role in making the paper more readable and the teachers get to know if the students have really understood the concept of a dissertation and will be able to manage things on their own.


Day 6: Formatting:

Formatting is all about writing a paper in a given predefined manner and using that method for citation and referencing. Citation and referencing are very important as they not only save the students from plagiarism but they also help the teacher judge the level of hard work and efforts that students have made to write a good paper.


There are numerous approved way of formatting dissertations and the most commonly used formatting styles are APA, Chicago/Turabian, and MLA. If the students do not know which formatting style to use, they can seek help from their teachers to write a dissertation. In most of the cases, the teachers provide information to students about the formatting style they want them to use in their papers. It is because there is some contrast in the way the headings are written, the line space is given and the paragraphs are aligned and the fonts are used and the students must only use the publication style which has been allowed by their supervisor to avoid any problems in submitting their paper.


From the use of right language to writing the dissertation in the right way, there are a lot of things that students need to consider when writing a dissertation and to enjoy good marks in their class. Here are a few other important things to keep in mind when formatting a dissertation:

  • Margins: The dissertation content must be inside the margins so that it can be printed without any trouble. The students should use the margins as predefined by the specific formatting style.
  • Pagination: All the pages must have page numbers that appear on the top or bottom of each paper
  • Font: The right font should be used for dissertation writing that helps the readers to understand the content clearly without any trouble.


In most of the cases, students are informed by their teachers or supervisors regarding the formatting of the paper and they are offered formatting guidelines which help them format their paper the best way according to the given style.