Different Citation Styles Used by UK Based Universities

Different Citation Styles

The best universities prevail in the UK, as these universities promise that they give you the best of the quality education. These universities are renowned for their fame, their courses and the education that they provide. Not from now, they have been in charge since past few decades and they are continuously improving the education system that they have.

What Are Citations?
Citations are generally an authenticity that from where have you taken the work. However, apart from this, it also gives your investigator the authority, to look for the same information that is essential. Citations are also used for the following reasons;

  1. The information regarding the author
  2. The publishing year of the book, or any other source the students take information from
  3. The name of the book or the website’s name, if any
  4. If the student is taking any information from the book, the page numbers of that book.


All the universities in the world necessitate for the dissertations, however, here in the UK too, the dissertations are the most crucial part of the academics. The UK based-universities ask for the dissertations along with different citation styles. However, the main two are;

  1. Harvard
  2. Chicago

The Harvard style includes the author’s name and date in your in parenthesis, and it is used in your in-text citation. However, a separate area is made at the end of the dissertations for the detailed referencing. The Chicago style includes the in-text citation, which will be having the numbers in it of the cross-reference. In addition, a detailed bibliography is also made in the ending section.


Confusing right? Or too confusing? Here is the point when a student stuck in. Indeed, there is always a first time for everyone. Nevertheless, for some these citations are very annoying. Well, the poor part is that the universities need the dissertations along with these citations. For the people who have an understanding concerning the citations and for those who do not even have an idea what citations are, the citations can be brutal. Go for the dissertation writing services UK, as they will provide you the best solution. The citations are tough, as the student has to; properly cite every clause they take from the outer source. The students get already entangled in the researching of the dissertations work, and now these citations have adjoined in making the scenario tougher.


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