How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be accomplished by planning ahead and dividing the interview into two parts, things you can do and things you can’t and should not. In the list of things that you should do, the first thing to take care of is some basic background information about the company. This includes the little know how’s of how the company works, what are its primary objectives and what are the secondary objectives. You should also be aware of the operating areas and functions of the company you are going to interview for. The next thing you should do is note all that information down, and make a list of the questions that come to your mind because at the interview they will give you a chance to ask questions, avail the opportunity and ask all those questions.
Next up is the part where you match your skills with what the company needs, make sure that you are well aware of your job and know your duties. Also make sure that you have sufficient experience in the field or at least have the required information about it. The employer might ask you a completely basic question of college level, make sure that you study your field of application thoroughly and are well aware of its implications in your job. Dress professionally and elegantly. Get there before time and make sure that you look okay. Test yourself by asking questions to yourself standing in front of the mirror. This will help you in countering the employer’s questions as well as boost your confidence.
Plan your interview to the very end, from the day you get your interview date to the moment you get out from the interview room. Planning ahead will increase your success rate by miles. Plan what you have to bring along with yourself and what are you going to wear. Plan your questions and the responses to questions that you are sure will be asked. Keep a polite tone, and a smile. Only answer as much they have asked, don’t over answer any question because that might ruin your impression. Make sure to look at their body language, observe critically.
Finally let’s talk about a couple of do not. The first thing in this list is to not over do anything. Keep everything brief and exact. Don’t be negative and don’t ask simple questions whose answers can be found on company’s website. Do not, under any circumstance lie on your resume and never hide any previous work experience because that will immediately leave a bad impression and the chances of making it to the job are reduced greatly. Furthermore don’t ever try to outsmart the employer in any way because they don’t like to be outsmarted by people. Just one more thing, doesn’t be too loud or too slow, and be clear and audible in a mid-range. Now if you manage to keep all these points in mind and plan ahead, you are guaranteed for success.

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