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How to Write a Dissertation in a Month?

Dissertation in a Month
John Caius
June 01, 2017

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about “How to write a dissertation in a month?”

1.     Create an Outline of Your Dissertation Paper:

We will need to create an outline for our dissertation in the first 1-2 days. Divide all the necessary information into different sections that an outline contains. We divide these sections into sub-sections if necessary. This outline is the key to our dissertation. By creating a well-managed outline for our dissertation, we will get a direction to write our dissertation in a given period.

2.     Writing Necessary Information about Each Section and Sub-section:

We will need to collect all the necessary information about each section and sub-section in the 3-7 days of the month by following our dissertation outline. The collection of information is the most important step in writing a dissertation because it requires hard work and in-depth research. After collecting all the necessary information, we will need to write this information in the relating sections and sub-sections.

3.     Write the First Draft:

The next step is to write the first draft of our dissertation by using the collected information. In the first draft, you should write all the collected information in the 8-10 days of the month. However, if you cannot write the first draft on your own, you can get different samples online at dissertation writing services based on your requirements.

4.     Write the Complete Paragraph about Each Section

In the previous section, we have written the first draft. In this step, we will write the above information in paragraphs about each section and sub-section. This work will be done 11-15 days of the month.

5.     Edit and Revise Your First Draft:

After completing your first draft, you will need to revise it and see whether there is any mistake or not; if there are any mistakes, you will need to remove them and edit the first draft. This work will be done 16-20 days of the month.

6.     Get Feedback from Your Supervisor:

On the 21st day of your dissertation writing, you will need to check your dissertation from your supervisor for the removal of mistakes.

7.     Make Citations and References Page:

On the 22nd day of your dissertation writing, you will need to write all the sources from which you have collected your information. Also, this is called the citations and references page.

8.     Final Editing and Revision of Your Dissertation:

After checking your dissertation from your supervisor, you will need to remove all the mistakes your supervisor has highlighted. After removing mistakes using the right strategies and tactics, you will need to revise the dissertation again for proofreading. This work will be done 23-30 days of the month. Then you will also need to check the final dissertation from any third party (professor, senior students etc.)

Now your dissertation is ready for submission to your supervisor. By following these simple suggestions, you will be able to write your dissertation within a month.

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