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An Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
John Caius
June 14, 2019

In this blog post, the experts from Cheap-Essay-Writing UK present a unique and well-written sample essay that contains comprehensive information about the types of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence examples and advantages, and its future.

In computer science, artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. It is the opposite of natural intelligence. Natural intelligence is displayed by humans and animals, whereas machines display artificial intelligence. Humans can interact with other humans with the help of learning. Nowadays, humans are also using artificial intelligence for problem-solving.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are four main types of artificial intelligence. These four types of artificial intelligence are explained below;

Reactive machines

The most common type of artificial intelligence is reactive machines. One of the most important examples of reactive machines is Deep Blue. It is a chess-playing supercomputer that IBM created. The main aim of this machine is to play chess against a human being. This machine can compete with human beings. The programming of this machine is done in such a way that it can quickly identify the board of a chessboard, and after identifying the chessboard, it also can understand the functions of the chessboard.

Limited memory

Reactive machines can react to the existing situations, whereas limited memory is such a machine which can derive the knowledge from the previously learned information. One of the most basic existing examples of limited memory is autonomous vehicles. These autonomous vehicles can run by using a combination of observational and pre-programmed knowledge. To drive carefully, automobile cars detect necessary patterns of external factors. For safety, these vehicles also detect the movement of the other vehicles.

Theory of mind

With the help of artificial intelligence, machines can think just like humans. Nowadays, machines can exhibit just like humans, but their standard of conversation is not up to the standard of the communication of human beings. Its reason is that these machines cannot understand the emotions of humans. These machines will be able to think and behave just like humans in the future. Sophia is one of the most important examples of artificial intelligence. The physical appearance of this robot is just like humans, and her ability to see and respond in specific situations is also just like human beings.


This essential artificial intelligence is in those machines with self-consciousness, just like human beings. No doubt, we can’t see the existence of this kind of AI, but it is considered the most advanced form of AI. Some essential features of this kind of AI technology are that these machines will be able to recognize and replicate all the actions just like humans. These machines will have their desires, and these machines will be able to understand the feelings of other machines.

Examples of artificial intelligence

We can observe the existence of artificial intelligence all around us. You are using artificial intelligence either you are going to communicate with others, or you are going to interact with others with the help of your social media accounts. Some essential examples of artificial intelligence all around us are given below;

Examples of artificial intelligence in business management

Business management is a vast department of business, and to handle this department effectively, we must get help from artificial intelligence. For example, if you want to categorize emails, you can use artificial intelligence in small email categorization. If you want to convert your voice into text, you can get help from artificial intelligence’s voice to text features. Similarly, we also use artificial intelligence for sales and business forecasting, process automation and security surveillance.

Examples of artificial intelligence in e-commerce

We can also see lots of applications of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. To increase the sales of our products, we are using AI in the form of product recommendations. We are also getting predictions about the purchase of different products with the help of AI. AI is also helpful for us in predicting fraud in our field. We are paying salaries and other expenditures of our organizations with the help of online transactions. After learning from the effectiveness of different machines, it is also possible for us to optimize the dynamic prices of different products.

Examples of artificial intelligence in marketing

To advertise a business to increase the sales of the products, all the companies are getting help from marketing. In marketing, we can also see lots of examples of artificial intelligence. For marketing, we must recognize different patterns and images. We recognize these patterns and pictures with the help of the applications of AI. Show ads are one of the most famous forms of marketing. We are showing ads by getting help from AI. We are also getting data for the real-time bidding of the ads with the help of AI. While doing marketing for a particular company, we must analyze the data. This data analysis is also possible for us with the help of artificial intelligence.

Future of artificial intelligence

Nowadays, we are seeing lots of advancements in the field of technology. Artificial intelligence is also a considerable debate in technology and the future. Artificial intelligence can affect our lives in the following ways;

Automated transportation

We are seeing some self-driving cars around us, but these cars still require drivers for their safety. Instead of these kinds of developments in technology, there are still required some developments before accepting this technology in public. First of all, self-driving cars were introduced by Google in 2012, but nowadays, we are closer to making automated buses and trains.

Cyborg technology

Our bodies and brains are consider the main limitations of human beings. It is almost impossible for us to enhance our natural abilities. In the future, it is expected that human beings will be able to enhance their natural abilities just like computers with the help of AI. This kind of technology will also reduce the limitations of the machines to interact with human beings.

Taking over dangerous jobs

There are some dangerous jobs like bomb-defusing, and there is a risk of life in these jobs. That’s why most people don’t want to adopt these jobs. In the future, there is a possibility that such robots will be prepared which will be able to perform these problematic jobs for human beings.

Solving climate change

We are getting predictions about climate change, and after getting these predictions, we are taking some steps to save ourselves from these severe impacts of climate change. In the future, such robots will be able to solve these climate changes. No doubt, it seems odd to us to solve these climate changes with the help of these robots, but it is also a fact that these robots can store mind-boggling statistics of information.

Robot as friends

Nowadays, robots are emotionless, and these robots don’t have enough abilities to interact with you. In the future, it is expected that such robots will be prepared who will be the natural companions of human beings. For this reason, a Japanese company has prepared such a companion robot. It can easily understand the emotions of human beings.

Improved elder care

Late in life, almost all people have to depend on others. For this reason, either they acquire outside help or get help from their friends and other family members. These robots take care of the elders in the future. These ‘Home’ robots will also be helpful for human beings because these robots also can perform everyday tasks.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

As we know to prepare a robot, we have to mix the complicated programs of computer science, mathematics and other sciences. Due to the complicated programming of these robots, they can perform some challenging tasks.

24/7 availability

After performing some tasks for a while, we require some breaks and refreshments. Unlike human beings, these robots don’t require breaks and refreshments, and they can perform their duties around the clock without any time limitations. Moreover, these robots will be able to give some results in all the seasons.

Day to day application

Artificial intelligence has also become an essential application in our daily life routine. For example, a Smartphone is consider the fourth essential need for the human being, along with dress, food and shelter.

Digital assistance

Most highly progressive organizations are using these machines to interact with their customers. These highly organized machines don’t require lots of human resources.

Handling repetitive jobs

The nature of repetitive jobs is very tedious for human beings. To perform these jobs, many organizations are using AI because there requires simple programming to prepare such kinds of machines.

Medical applications

We can also see lots of examples of AI in medicine because, with the help of AI, it is also possible for doctors and other physicians to gather and intimate the data of the patients.

Hazardous exploration

Mining and other fuel exploration processes are also very tedious for human beings. Nowadays, many countries are also using robots for mining and other fuel exploration processes.

Reduction of error

As human beings, if we are going to note readings of a specific experiment, there is a possibility of many errors. As a result, we will not be able to get a higher degree of precision. On the other hand, if we are going to take readings of similar experiments with the help of robots, there is no possibility of errors. As a result, we can get a higher degree of precision.

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most essential parts of our daily life. That’s why we can see lots of applications of artificial intelligence in our daily life. Some essential applications are given below;

  • We use it for the automated customer support service of the customers. Almost all the big and reputed organizations use artificial intelligence to improve their customer support service.
  • AI is also used for the personalized shopping experience, and you can collect and store lots of information with the help of AI.
  • In the health care department, AI has become a game-changer for us. AI is improving all the departments of the health care industry. Doctors and physicians are getting data from patients with its help.
  • Artificial intelligence has also become a perfect match and collaboration in finance. We are solving significant financial issues with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence applications, it is also possible for us to run intelligent cars and drones.
  • Transportation industries are also using the artificial industry for travelling and navigation.

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