America Is Great: A Sample Essay by Cheap Essay Writing UK

According to the report of Nation Brand Index Poll of public opinion in 50 countries, it is found that American’s reputation has been dropped from the first position to the sixth position in different areas like attractiveness in business, tourism and work destinations. It is due to the ‘Trump Effect’. We should not fear this fact because America will regain its reputation because America’s reputation is not associated with a specific person. Its reason is that it was not the political leaders who had made America the best country in the eyes of the world rather than it was the literal excellence of America that made this country excellence in the eyes of the whole world’s nations. This literary excellence of America has endeavored from the last 150 years. In other words, we can say that this nation has served humanity in several areas of life. That’s why America is still great in the eyes of the world’s nations.

It is a fact that America has made our earth a better planet for living. Its reason is that Americans have made progress in all the aspects of life like arts, science, technology, and business. By getting inspiration from the progress of America in these fields of life, other countries have also started to explore the world. Due to this sense of competition, we can observe progress in all the fields of life all around the world. America has also dominated the world in the field of transformational technology. Its reason is that America has served the nation from Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb to Henry Ford’s mass production of automobiles. America was the first country who sent his first man on the moon.

America has also served the whole world in the field of informational technology. The concepts of artificial satellites came from America. Due to these artificial satellites, we are able to watch our favorite TV programs all around the world. This technology has also brought lots of changing in the field of telecommunication. America has also invented the first transistor and this transistor has changed the world of electronics. Americans have also served the whole world in the field of IT. Its reason is that it was the Americans who had brought the concept of the internet to the world. Nowadays, the internet has become the basic need of the entire world. The world’s most famous search engine Google, the world’s most famous social media site Facebook, the world’s most famous video platform YouTube and the world’s most famous online shopping website Amazon all are created in America. The creators of Twitter and Instagram also belong to America.

In the field of medicine, America has also led the world. Its reason is that Alexander Fleming who had invented penicillin was the American. There are also lots of advancements of America in diagnostic medicine. With the invention of MRI and PET scans, the Americans have also served humanity because they have improved the quality and quantity of life. America is still considered as a hub for the stem cells and gene-based research. These stem cells and gene-based research are helpful for us to eliminate some diseases and to reverse the aging process. Along with applied science, America has also led the world in the field of pure science. After World War II, America is the first country who has won a number of Nobel Awards in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Economics. One-third of the American’s Nobel Awards are won by the foreign-born. This thing shows that America is still an attractive destination all around the world.

Along with sciences, we can’t deny the importance of America’s progress in the field of arts. In the major cities of the US, there are museums that get the attraction of the tourists. New York along with some other capitals of the world like London, Paris, and Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world. The American’s architectures have changed the world’s architectural landscape. The American movie-making industry Hollywood is also dominating over the movie-making industries all around the world. With the help of Hollywood movies, Americans have told the world that how humans can entertain other humans with the help of their entertaining skills. Like Hollywood, the American music industry is also dominating in all around the world. America’s economic footprints are also inspiring the investors because these economic footprints show the investors that America is the best place for business. To sum up, we can say that America is great.

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