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Common Mistakes in Undergraduate Essays You Should Know

Undergraduate Essays
John Caius
January 08, 2021

Undergraduate essays are a crucial part of academic life and are the key to attaining your degree with flying colours. However, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding and insufficient time to get to know more about them, students end up making a lot of mistakes in their undergraduate essays and failing to get the desired results in class. It is essential to realize that essays are an unavoidable part of the educational journey, and if you want to impress the teacher with your skills and talent, you must learn to write well.

The better you focus on these essays, the better skills you will gain, and these skills will help you immensely in the long run when you enter the job market and seek the best job. Making mistakes is fine if you are ready to learn how to correct them and focus on moving forward in the right direction. While you cannot avoid writing these essays, you can avoid making these common mistakes to produce a top-quality and custom paper to enjoy good results in class. This article by essay writing services UK discusses some of the most common mistakes you should know about to ensure you do not end up making them due to a lack of knowledge of essay writing.

Not Writing An Analytical Essay:

When teachers assign you essay writing tasks, they look forward to reading your analysis on the topic based on credible research and study. They do not want to read what happened in the book or what the writer is saying; they look forward to going through an argument and your defence of the thesis. It should present an interesting analysis that discusses the matter deeply, coming up with a conclusion.

Not Coming Up With A Strong Thesis Statement:

Every essay should have a strong thesis statement, but due to a lack of knowledge, students fail to develop a strong thesis that significantly impacts their overall work. A thesis statement is a hook on which your essay hangs, and the more robust this hook is, the strong your essay will be. The thesis statement should present an opinion and be as specific as possible. A weak thesis statement will ruin the entire effort you have put into the research, and this mistake can cost you significantly.

Putting Too Many Quotes In One Place:

Using quotes is good as it can better impact the teacher and show you hard you have worked and conducted research on the given topic, but putting in too many quotes in one place will take out the pleasure of reading them. The essay should reflect your understanding of the topic and your research to support the evidence. Quotes can add authenticity to your work, but they should be used sparingly as too many of them will make the content seem too artificial and will not match your own words.


The significance of avoiding plagiarism cannot be stressed more. It can be defined as the practice of using the ideas or works that have been written or produced by others as your own. Academic institutes have strict policies against plagiarism, and they recommend using various tools to check your work for plagiarized content. There is no way you will get away with plagiarism, and it can land you in a lot of trouble; teachers have the way of knowing if something does not sound if a student has written it or if it has been copied from some other source, so it is best to avoid it, work on your own and learn the correct way of doing things.

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Using Unreliable Sources:

When working on your essay, you must avoid using unreliable sources that are not verified or authentic, as they will only land you in trouble. Using credible sources is essential because they come from academic experts with the correct information and help you write quality and unique content. If the teachers always point out the same errors and tell you to work on your essay writing skills and avoid mistakes, it is time to take them seriously and check where the problem lies. Whether it is due to ineffective research or lack of writing skills, you must avoid making these mistakes as it is only when you learn to correct your mistakes that you will do a better job and succeed in your task.

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