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How to Write a Research Paper and Get it Published

February 15, 2021
Research Paper
John Caius
Get Research Paper Published

An extended essay in which you will have to present your interpretations, evaluations and arguments is the research paper. While writing a research paper, you will have to build your idea. Moreover, you will have to present the ideas of the experts. To find the best possible information relevant to your topic idea, you will have to survey a field of knowledge. While writing a research paper, you will have to conduct in-depth and independent research. To present the strong knowledge in your research paper, you will have to engage with a variety of resources. Here, experts of Cheap Essay Writing UK will discuss the tips to write a research paper and get it published.

How to Write a Research Paper?

To write a research paper, you will have to follow some essential tips. These steps are given below;

Understand The Purpose Of The Research Paper:

To write a research paper means that you will have to accomplish the tasks that your instructors have set out for you. That’s why, before starting a research paper, you should make sure that you have understood all the steps to write it. While reading assignment task sheet, you should identify the goals, deadline, length and structure of the research paper. You can make a list of the bullet points that you will have to complete.

Choose Topic:

You can use various techniques to find out a compelling topic idea for your research paper. For example, you can use a technique of brainstorming. You can also get help from your fellows and professors. The students can also make use of the internet. After selecting the broad subject area, you should narrow it down to find an interesting and compelling topic idea. While choosing the best topic idea, you should try to meet the criteria of your assignment.

Conduct Preliminary Research:

Research is the most important step in writing a research paper. To research your research paper, you can use a variety of resources. In these resources, there comes journals, books and reliable websites etc. When you will read these resources, you can find plenty of ideas for your research paper.

Develop A Thesis Statement:

While writing a research paper, you will have to establish your position and purpose of the research paper with the help of a central argument. This central argument is the thesis statement. For example, if you start the research paper writing task with a research question, the answer to this research question is your thesis statement. This thesis statement will also provide an idea about the evidence and reasoning that you can use to support it.

Create An Outline:

Before commencing the research paper writing task, you should prepare a list of all the ideas that you will have to include in your research paper. You can create this list in the form of an outline. The outline of a research paper will provide an idea of how your research paper will look like. In the outline of a research paper, you can include all the key topics, arguments and evidence that you will have to write in your research paper. When you will write the research paper by following this outline, you will be more dedicated to writing it.

Write The First Draft:

While writing the first draft of your research paper, you should not try to make it perfect. Its reason is that you can polish it later. That’s why while creating the first draft of your research paper, you should focus on some specific things. First, you should maintain the forward momentum. It means that you should write now and perfect it later. Secondly, you should pay attention to the logical ordering of the sentences and paragraphs. At last, you should try to express your ideas clearly.

Create The Second Draft:

While creating the second draft of your research paper, you should focus on four essential things. First, you should check the vision of the paper lines in the first draft of your research paper. Secondly, you should identify the assumptions that require justification. If you can’t justify these assumptions, you can remove them from your research paper. Thirdly, you should focus on the organization of the ideas. If some ideas are not well organized, you can organize them for the logical flow of the research paper. At last, if you feel that some ideas don’t fit in it, you can also change them.

Revision and Proofreading:

During the revision and proofreading process, you will have to check the well-articulation of your research paper. Here, you should confirm that you have completed all the tasks in your research paper. You can also check your research paper for logical fluency and organization of the ideas. At last, you can check all the paragraphs against the introduction and thesis statement. After completing the revision process, you should try to proofread it. While proofreading the research paper, you should try to remove all the mistakes from your research paper. While proofreading, you should make sure that your research paper is free from irrelevant or unnecessary information.

How To Publish A Research Paper?

It is an important activity in the academic community to publish your research paper in the peer-reviewed journal. It is the best way to build networks with other scholars. If you want to publish your research paper in the research journal, you should follow the following steps.

Choose The Right Journal For Submission:

As a researcher, you should choose the right journal for the submission of your research paper. To find the right journal for the submission of your research paper, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with the potential publications. To familiarize with potential publications means that you should pay attention to the format, style and subject matter of these journals. Secondly, you should find out the best publication that suits your research paper. You can decide these publications based on their audience and tone of writing. At last, you should keep in mind the circulation or exposure of the journal. After shortlisting the journals, you should read out their writing and submission guidelines. You should try to fulfil these requirements.

Submit And Resubmit The Research Paper:

After finding the right journals for the submission of your research paper, the next step is to submit the research paper. After submitting the research paper, if they reject your research paper due to some specific reasons, you should resubmit them by fulfilling their guidelines. Before submitting your research paper, you should request your professor or senior student to review your research paper. You should also read the recommendations of the reviewers. When you will edit your research paper by following these recommendations, you can also increase your chances of submitting the research paper. For the submission of the research paper, you will have to prepare its manuscript. You should try to prepare this manuscript by fulfilling the requirements of the journal. At last, you should submit your research paper only when it is ready for the submission.

Strengthen Your Submission:

If you want to quickly get the research paper published, you should strengthen your submission. To strengthen your submission, you should try to give a clear vision to your research paper. It means that you should build all the paragraphs of the research paper on the vision of the journal. You should also try to narrow your focus. To narrow your focus means that you should stay away from the large scale topics. At last, you should try to write a top-notch abstract. The abstract will last the first impression of the content of your research paper on the publishers. As you will have to create only 300 words in the abstract, that’s why it should be free from the unnecessary elements.

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