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Criminology Dissertation Ideas You Can Get Started With

Criminology Dissertation Ideas
John Caius
August 14, 2021

Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior. It studies factors formed by the principles of sociology and other non-legal fields, including psychology, economics, statistics, and anthropology. The main task of criminology is to analyze crimes and the criminals to understand their motives and find ways to prevent future crimes. It also analyses trends and the impact of crimes on human societies.

According to experts of dissertation writing services, another significant aspect of Criminology is evaluating punishment and rehabilitation methods to determine their efficacy and ways to improve them. If you were fascinated with thieves and police stories in childhood and want to experience them in real life, criminology is the right degree. It is an exciting field, and students who pursue careers in this field can look forward to holding interesting jobs during their professional life. However, completing a degree in criminology is challenging.

You need to study and focus on a variety of elements during the program, but you will also have to work on your dissertation or final year research project, which is not easy. A dissertation is an essential piece of work that accounts for many credits on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course which makes it necessary to choose wisely.

Whether you are trying to narrow down ideas to come up with a single subject or just planning a future course, you must be ready to engage and motivate criminology dissertation ideas that engage the readers. Not only you are fulfilling the requirement for your degree by writing a criminology dissertation, but you are also showcasing your talent, research abilities, and skills in coming up with the best dissertation ideas. The field of criminology is a big one, and there are many aspects to a criminology course that will make the research very interesting.

Top Criminology Dissertation Ideas To Start With:

There are many fields in criminology that are very interesting, and the more you know about them, the more you will enjoy reading about them. This article presents some top criminology dissertation ideas for you to start with to finalize your dissertation topic and move ahead with the task.

  • Prisoners’ rights to vote: arguments for and against
  • Domestic violence and the comparative study of victimology
  • Arsons in schools: causes and rates
  • Serial killers phenomena: predisposing factors
  • The efficiency of community police officers in preventing and solving the crimes
  • Pick any city or town and research the criminal situation within towns and cities and how to make policing services more effective.
  • The effect of domestic violence on woman’s mental health
  • What psychological disorders occur as the result of partner violence? Compare the situations in the US (or the UK) and any African country
  • The Internet and suicides: how do the modern Internet technologies affect the frequency of suicide pacts?
  • Dependence of suicidal inclinations upon the Internet
  • Torture and brutality as the common policing means in the developing countries
  • Cybercrimes: approaches and ways to detect
  • How can police officers detect and solve the crimes conducted through the Internet?
  • The most efficient methods of dealing with social disorders
  • How police officers fight social disorders in Europe, the USA, and the UK. What ways are the most effective, and why?
  • What is the role and motivation of women joining ISIS?
  • A critical analysis of how the US government responds to terrorist threats
  • Racist stereotyping and crime: What is the relationship?
  • Influence of drugs and alcohol on sexual assaults
  • Key socio-history factors and how they contribute to contemporary form
  • LGBT and crime: An understanding of their contribution or impact
  • A discourse analysis of how the coronavirus has shaped crime
  • An examination of the role of technology in fueling crime
  • An interdisciplinary gaze into the problem of ‘evil.’
  • Exploring the part of rehabilitation centres in curbing crime
  • Does the urban setting provide breeding grounds for crime than rural areas?
  • A review of the cybercrime legislation and its place in maintaining law and order
  • What are the contributing factors for serial killers?
  • Is it possible to have a crime-free society?
  • Is the education system lagging in shaping good morals and character?
  • Are political tensions to blame for the internal militia uprisings
  • Is there a thin line between law enforcement and criminology?
  • Does parental supervision help in reducing crime among teenagers?
  • Is there someone behind the rise of youth gangs in a given society?
  • Does the media portray young people as criminals?
  • Is gun control in the US the stepping stone to high crime rates?
  • What is the role of the school and community in preventing child abuse?
  • How has counterfeiting evolved with the advent of new technologies?
  • Is racist abuse towards international students the cause of crime and violence?
  • Social media has been a major crime scene in the technological era
  • Is it acceptable to acquaint rape perpetrators on bail terms?
  • Are Islamic charities a source of terrorist financing?
  • Is the media the main instigator of moral panics in society?
  • Most crime offenders are teenagers and especially college dropouts
  • Should the government increase the age limit for acquiring a national identity card?
  • Coronavirus has fueled up more criminal activities than never before
  • Human trafficking has only one role; sexual exploitation
  • The law is subjective when it comes to domestic violence against males
  • Regulating prostitution will reduce crime
  • Facebook is a conduit for criminal activity rather than socializing
  • Should the police carry guns in public?

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Coming up with high-quality criminology dissertation ideas is something that you should not take lightly. With the right choice of topic ideas, you show your professor how hard you have worked and how seriously you are taking your degree. Criminology has become a significant area for research and study due to a significant rise in the crime rate worldwide. With the help of criminology dissertation topics that can be explored by students who want to excel in this field, writing an engaging and factual paper becomes easy.

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