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Structure and Format of a Dissertation Introduction

Dissertation Introduction
John Caius
August 04, 2021

When writing a dissertation on a humanities subject, students must keep in mind the structure and format of the paper to do a better job on their paper. Writing a top-quality and custom paper is a must for students when aiming to get a degree in humanities. They must be prepare to work hard and put all their efforts into coming up with an excellent paper to impress the teachers with their skills and efforts.

Writing a dissertation introduction is a vital part of the paper. Unless they know how to structure and format their dissertation introduction the right way, they will not be able to write a good paper that is meaningful and gives readers an idea of what is to come next. With an introduction, students can keep their readers engaged and encourage them to read further and appreciate their hard work in writing the paper.

Purpose of Dissertation Introduction:

The primary purpose of the dissertation introduction is to introduce the topic and tell the readers what the topic is to gain the reader’s interest. It is essential to use relevant and recent examples from daily life to gain the reader’s attention to understand what is being said and how it relates to them. The study’s relevance is also a vital part of the dissertation introduction and helps students structure a better paper.

Main Parts of Introduction

When talking about the structure of the introduction, its main parts are:

  • Motivation
  • Scope
  • The theoretical and practical relevance of the research
  • Current scientific situation
  • The objective of the study and the problem statement
  • Brief description of the research design
  • Dissertation outline

It is necessary to indicate the problem that is being discussed and its scope as both these things will help define the topic of the research and tell the readers what they are aiming for. The better you connect all the points in the introduction, the better structure you will be able to come up with, making your subject more interesting for the readers.

When it comes to formatting, students must follow the formatting guidelines and instructions that the teacher has provided. There are several formats that students must follow when working on their dissertations, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Oxford, and Turabian. In most cases, when students are asked to work on a humanities-related dissertation, the Chicago style is the most preferred one; however, it is up to the teacher to assign the formatting style. Students must conduct their teacher for this.


The structure and format of a dissertation introduction are essential for working on this paper. Students must keep the given guidelines and instructions and the purpose of writing their dissertation. In order to do an excellent job on their paper and look forward to success in class.

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