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Step By Step Essay Writing Guide for High School Students

February 12, 2022
John Caius
Step By Step Essay Writing Guide for High School Students

Your teacher might have assigned you an essay to write. Does it scare you to write on a topic when you are asked? Essay writing is a complex task for many students, particularly in elementary or middle schools; however, writing an essay should not be intimidating. You can ace your school essay with a good essay writing guide and tools. As long as you know the basics of essay writing, you are unstoppable. Thus, keeping this in view, I am writing this article. It will serve as a step-by-step guide for writing good essays for high school students. But before we move on further, let’s define what an essay is and why it is so important.

What is an Essay?

An academic essay is a focused piece of writing on a particular subject or issue. It develops an argument or idea by using evidence, analysis and interpretation. The method of developing arguments greatly depends on the type of essay presented. If you don’t know, there are four types of essays i.e., expository, argumentative, narrative, and descriptive. Each essay type follows a particular structure and analysis method. Well, this was a brief introduction to an essay. Now, let’s discuss the importance before heading towards the essay writing guide.

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Importance Of Essay Writing

Essay writing is an integral part of studying for any degree. For instance, you are a law student in the UK. There are strong chances that your teacher may ask you to write an essay on the labour laws of the UK. Thus, essay writing is essential due to the following three reasons:

  • It enhances the understanding and the mechanism of learning. An essay pushes you to clarify and sort out the information.
  • It develops writing skills in an individual. For example, it increases the ability of students to write a structured argument. The development of persuasive skills is yet another critical benefit of essay writing.
  • It enables your teachers to assess you and give feedback.

Thus, essay writing is an excellent thing to carry on, and students must not fear it. All you need to do is to have a good essay writing guide.

Step-by-Step Guide

After the introduction and importance, it is time to discuss all the steps involved in writing a good essay for high school students. You must give all the points a firm read to develop an outstanding essay. Thus, a brief description of all the points that a student must consider is as follows:

Familiarise Yourself with the Structure

The structure is the essential thing in an essay. Many students are unable to familiarize themselves with the structure and hence fail. Thus, the first thing in an essay writing guide is familiarising yourself with the structure. Below is a short description of all the elements of an essay.


The introduction is the first thing high school students have to write. A nicely written introduction brings more viewership, and chances of success get high. The introduction section of an essay provides all the background information about the topic. It introduces the topic to the reader so that the reader cannot pull his eyes off the topic. The introduction is also called the ‘hook of the essay’.

It is important to remember to make a clear and concise statement in the beginning. If you cannot do so, take the questions and rephrase them into a statement. In addition to the statement, the high school students must also discuss the evidence supporting their point. All these things will make an essay good looking.


The body is the spine of an essay. You might have observed that every essay writing guide contains information on this. It is an expansion of the main point. In the body section, you discuss all the pieces of evidence and ideas in support of the main idea. You take each point one by one listed in the introduction. Against each point, you explain. The explanation can be in quotes, facts and figures, or anything supporting the essay’s central theme.


In the end, there is a conclusion. It marks a formal end to your essay and the whole discussion. Typically, you do not introduce any new concept or argument in this section. You take the discussed information discussed and summarise it. This part is more like a final verdict after discussing the topic. The tips mentioned above are all about the structure of an essay. Many a time, the teachers provide guidelines about the structure. But sometimes, there would not be any instructions. In such cases, you can follow this essay writing guide and structure your essay on the same pattern.

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Understand the Essay Topic

After understanding the structure of an essay, it is time to do some actual work on the essay. The first point is to understand the essay topic. Based on the essay topic, you must figure out which category of the essay the topic falls into. You can also break down the topic into subsections if it is too long to understand. The technique of breaking down the question helps many students as it lets them understand the question effectively. Thus, understanding the exact nature of the question at hand is crucial.

Brainstorm and Map

The next point in this essay writing guide is brainstorming and mapping what you know. After carefully understanding the meaning of an essay, students find out what they already know about it. But their knowledge is not enough to write a complete essay. Therefore, they need to brainstorm on the topic further to get a better understanding.

Along with brainstorming, mapping is another essential thing. No doubt, essay writing is about expressing things that you know. In most essays, you give your opinions and arguments supporting the main idea. But the knowledge of high school students is so limited that they are not in the position to give their opinions. In this case, they have to do a brainstorming exercise and map the things.

Research your Essay

The above step provides you with a direction for research. After some brainstorming, you know what you have to research about the topic. With the advancement in internet technology, gone are the days you rely on a single piece of paper. Now, you can research a topic on Google and access numerous sources for your topic. There are billions of articles, blogs and sample essays available.

The important thing is to know how to research an essay topic. A common practice is going to the search engine and putting your query in the search tab. The search engine shows all the relevant data to your topic. This technique has become old now. Today, Google works on keywords, e.g., essay writing guide. It would help if you searched using the keywords of your topic.

For instance, the topic of your essay is “Ways to make money in the modern world.” The keyword here is “making money.” Thus, you should go to the search engine and search “10 ways to make money.” There will be a lot more relevant results. Thus, research plays an essential role in writing an essay.

Take Notes

Taking notes while researching is always recommended. No student can remember tons of data while collecting it. You must take notes of what you collect during the research phase. The notes will help you a lot when you start writing. You would not have to go back and search from scratch. With notes, everything will be in front of you.

Start Writing

After performing all the steps mentioned above, you are ready to write your essay. Writing is the last step in this essay writing guide. The notes you prepare in the last help you significantly in this phase. You would not go back, again and again, to search for a particular thing. After following all the steps, everything will be in front of you. You just need to align your thoughts and kick off writing your essay.

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Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing your essay hold immense importance. It makes sure that the essay is free from all errors and mistakes. It is always recommended not to proofread or edit the essay right after it finishes. Taking a break for a day or two after writing helps a lot. It helps in regaining the moment with a fresh mind, and also, you can evaluate the essay more critically. Thus, editing and proofreading are essential parts of essay writing. You should not skip this part.


The steps mentioned above as an essay writing guide can help you produce a fine piece of an essay. You must also follow the standard structure of writing an essay based on the type of essay. No essay is perfect, but you can create a competitive essay by following the abovementioned steps. However, if you are facing problems in writing an essay, you can get the best essay solution by Clicking here to place an order.

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