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Best Online Thesaurus For Students – A Simple Guide

June 08, 2022
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John Caius
Best Online Thesaurus For Students

In a thesaurus, the words are grouped based on the similarity of meaning. In other words, these thesauruses provide the synonyms and antonyms of these words. On the other hand, in a dictionary, we can see definitions of different words and these words are arranged alphabetically. The main aim of an Online Thesaurus is to provide words that can express the exact meanings of the required words. These thesauruses are most widely used in library science and information science to specify domain models. These are also useful for students in academic writing tasks and improve learning.

Best Online Thesaurus For Students

Here is a list of free thesauruses for the students;

It is a product of, and it is known as the world’s biggest and most trusted thesaurus for students. has been working for the assistance of students for over 20 years. Millions of students are using it to improve their English language skills. With the help of this thesaurus, the students can easily find out the synonyms and antonyms of almost three million words. In this thesaurus, the students can feel it easy to search for any word because this thesaurus shows excellent filter search results. This thesaurus shows the filter search results based on the words’ relevance, word length, and complexity.

Visual Thesaurus

It is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that works for the English language assistance of the students. The innovative display of this thesaurus encourages the exploration and learning of the students. Some essential qualities of this thesaurus are explained below;

  1. You can find the right words with the help of VT because it has 145,000 words and their synonyms. You need to find any word and get the possible meanings of this word.
  2. It is also working for the development of the vocabulary of the students. For this reason, it is also showing the students how particular words are used in different parts of speech.
  3. It is a fact that there is a semantic relationship between some words with other words. This thesaurus is also helping the students to find the semantic relationship of the words.
  4. To be a master of how to use different words in the form of sentences, this thesaurus is also showing the people how to use these words in the form of sentences.
  5. You can also improve your grammar with the help of this thesaurus.
  6. While finding the meanings of a word, if you have spelt it wrong, this thesaurus will show the possible suggestions for your word.
  7. Sometimes, the students are not able to pronounce particular words correctly. They can also get help from this thesaurus because it provides pronunciation facilities to the students both in the American and British languages.
  8. If you want to search for more information and images for a particular word, you should right-click on this word.
  9. If you want to share the meanings of these essential words with your friends and family members, you can share these words with your friends and family members via email.

Word Reference

This thesaurus has a comprehension collection of almost 24,000 English words. This provides the possible synonyms of these English words. With the help of this thesaurus, the learners can quickly learn the proper use of these terms. When you search for a particular word in this thesaurus, it will also show lots of suggestions to you. There is also an online forum for this thesaurus. On this forum, lots of people are connected. They can share their problems on this forum, and other people try to provide the possible answers to these problems.

Macmillan Dictionary

Macmillan Thesaurus was built along with Macmillan Dictionary. That’s why it provides all the possible solutions to the students’ problems. There are three essential features of this thesaurus that are becoming the cause of uniqueness for this thesaurus. First, along with synonyms of a particular word, this thesaurus also provides the possible meanings of these synonyms. Secondly, along with synonyms, this thesaurus also provides some relevant words for the students. Thirdly, you can also find the possible antonyms of this word.

There is also a blog of this thesaurus. They are sharing lots of articles relevant to the language and grammar tips on this blog. You can also watch some videos to improve your language skills on this blog. This thesaurus is also providing a facility for some games for the students. Playing these games makes it possible for students to learn English language skills. There are also some language puzzles and language quizzes to improve the students’ language skills.


Merriam-Webster has a long history of almost 150 years of providing language information to the students. In the beginning, this information was provided in print form, and now, they are assisting the students with the help of an online thesaurus. Almost 40 million visitors get possible solutions to their language problems by visiting this website. This thesaurus’s products and services are written and managed by professional dictionary editors and writers. There is also a section of the word of the day on this website, and it provides an opportunity for the students to learn new day every day. There are also some word games and quizzes. With the help of these word games and quizzes, the students can quickly learn new dictionary words and their meanings.

LingvoSoft Online

The main aim of this online thesaurus is to provide complete information to the students on the meaning of a given the word. This thesaurus is created to overcome the language barrier to understanding English terminologies. After getting the possible definitions of the dictionary words, the students can communicate with each other confidently. Almost 340,000 entries and cross-sections are available on this website to relate all the possible words. To use this thesaurus is a straightforward task. You need to type the word and click on the ‘Translate’ button, and you will get a list of the possible meanings of this word.

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