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20 Free Dissertation Topics for Architecture You May Consider

Dissertation Topics for Architecture
Susan Wray
July 29, 2022

The last year of architecture education is the first time you get to curate your design brief and prepare a design of your own accord. After four years of detailed briefs from the teachers, you finally have the chance to choose a topic for your dissertation. It is as daunting as it seems exciting. Choosing a topic for your final year research is the most challenging task. The reason is that you need to be creative, intentional, and explanatory in it. Considering this, today’s article mentions the 20 free dissertation topics for architecture students. It will also discuss the tips for selecting a dissertation topic, but before that, let’s explain what an architecture dissertation means.

What is an architecture dissertation, and why writing it is important?

An architecture dissertation is a design project devised by you. It enables you to discover your research and architectural interests. A dissertation in architecture is the culmination of your education. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students present an architectural issue and develop the design to solve it.

Writing a dissertation in architecture is important because you cannot get your degree without doing this. Also, a dissertation tells the outer world that you have all the research capabilities to work on architectural projects, enhancing your job prospects. Most students choose cheap dissertation writing services to get their dissertation done at affordable prices. However, it is only possible when you choose a good topic from dissertation topics for architecture.

How to select a topic for your architecture dissertation?

From the discussion above, you know what an architecture dissertation means and have aslo learned about the importance of such a dissertation. Now, let’s discuss the ways you can employ to select a dissertation topic. Knowing such ways is necessary as they help you make your topic if you do not like the ones mentioned here. So, a brief description of all the ways is as follows:

Selection of Dissertation Topics for Architecture

Think about your interests in architecture

What excites you the most in the field of architecture? Answering this question can help you choose the right research topic. How can you answer this question? Explore all the course modules and lecture notes you have made during the semester. Analyse each subject and topic you studied during the semester. Think about which topic excites you the most, and then take a topic related to that subject area.

Take your future into consideration

The architecture dissertation you submit to your university will be a part of your portfolio when looking for a job in this industry. As the field of architecture ranges from designing computer architecture to construction projects, do not forget to consider the future. Know in which field you want to go and select the topic according to that. Your dissertation in architecture should reflect your future interests.

Be open to discussion and ideas

As Martians, we humans often do not like the input of others unless asked: as stated by John Gray in his famous books; Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. However, you need to change this behaviour of yours. Be open to the ideas presented by your fellow researchers. The reason is that they can throw dissertation topics for architecture at you that you have never thought about. So, do not limit yourself to yourself. Discuss the topics with your classmates or seniors and consider their input positive.

Research a lot and explore the gaps

Another great way to have great dissertation topics for architecture is by researching the field. Go to the internet and search for the previous work published in your intended research area. Reading those previous dissertations, research papers, and articles can help you point out the research gaps present. After their identification, you can craft your dissertation topic based on those gaps. So, research a lot as it can help you choose the right topic.

Do not get influenced by what others may think

It is the most common mistake that architecture students make when choosing a topic. They take the pressure of what others may think about the chosen topic. You need to get out of this complex and select the topic that excites you the most. It does not matter what others think about your topic. The only thing that matters is your satisfaction.

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20 free dissertation topics for architecture

After discussing the tips to select a dissertation topic, it is time to enlist the top 20 free topics. You can choose any topic from the ones I will mention below. Hence, the free 20 topics are as follows:

  1. Major challenges cities face when creating and managing open spaces.
  2. In what ways has the revolutionising of computer technology affected modern architecture?
  3. How are modern buildings and skyscrapers less prone to damage?
  4. The ultimate housing model of 2022.
  5. Development of an urban hotel in Madrid, Spain.
  6. Applications of sustainable architecture in vertical housing.
  7. Rehabilitation of the buildings of the 20th
  8. Designing a centre for Sports Development and High Performance
  9. Library and multipurpose plaza project on Almafi Coast, Italy.
  10. Installing heating and cooling systems in modern homes. A case study of the UK
  11. The famous 19th and 20th centuries furniture
  12. Reviewing the latest 21st-century furniture designs
  13. A review of the lighting technology used in the buildings of Ancient Egypt
  14. The architectural history of Constantinople, Turkey
  15. Analysis of metal fatigue in modern skyscrapers
  16. A closer look at the architecture of the Middle East
  17. Famous architects in the history of humankind. An analysis of their impact on modern architecture
  18. Optimising water drainage in urban environments. A case study of Ottawa, Canada
  19. Design of earthquake-resistant skyscrapers
  20. Virtual reality (VR): How has this technology affected the building designs?

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Conclusively, choosing a topic in the field of architecture is challenging. However, with the help of the guidelines mentioned above, you can choose a good topic for your dissertation. Also, considering the dissertation topics for architecture listed above can be very helpful. So, study each topic and choose one that suits your expertise.

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