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Argumentative And Persuasive Essays: Importance & Differences

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Susan Wray
July 02, 2022


College and university students are frequently asked to write an essay on a different topic. The topic of essay is not the only thing that helps you design the structure of an essay, but type of essay is something that has great importance. You can better compose the whole essay with most relevant material based on the type of essay. You can better understand this aspect with the help of an example. There are two main writing types: argumentative and persuasive essays. In both of these essays, you cannot make the same flow. Each essay has a particular set of requirements. So, be clear about the differences and similarities between different types of essays. Argumentative and persuasive are the two most frequently used types of an essay. As per their importance and frequent use, this article aims to discuss argumentative and persuasive essays in detail.

1. What is meant by Argumentative Essays?

An argumentative essay is a writing type in which you have to work on two facets of a particular thing. Both of the facets should be opposite to each other. For writing an argumentative essay, you have to make a claim at the start. Now, you have to come up with two different aspects that are linked with your claim. One of the statements should be in support of a claim, while the other one should oppose the claim. In this way, you need to collect authentic and logical support for each side. With structured discussion on each side, you can better evaluate the final conclusion for your essay.

At the time of writing argumentative and persuasive essays, you can work on a particular model. For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay, then the following models can work well:

  • Rogerian arguments
  • Toulmin arguments

You must be clear about the use of argumentative essays. Whenever you aim to go for rhetorical or literary analysis, you are supposed to provide the evidence for study. This evidence-based discussion is the best example of argumentative essays.

2. What is meant by Persuasive Essays?

The essay type in which you aim to convince your reader of a particular point is termed a persuasive essay. In a persuasive essay, you need to find accurate support for your claim. The support of the claim should be in the form of facts and figures. The presence of evidence creates a good impression on a reader. No reader wants to know about your personal opinions only. Every reader likes to know about something that has some ground basis.

In this way, the reader feels good about his time invested in your essay. Most of people take it as biased writing. To convince the reader, you have to collect all those points that can support the designed claim. So, based on the writing requirement, you have to select this type of writing. For example, you need to write something for a particular product; no business aims to let people know about the lack of its product. In this case, the main focus will be on the bright side of the discussion. So, persuasive writing can work well compared to any other type.

3. Is There A Difference Between Argumentative And Persuasive Essays?

Following are some differences that can help you know better about argumentative and persuasive essays:

  • Goal

Argumentative and persuasive essays have different goals to achieve. It is one of the easiest ways to differentiate an argumentative essay from a persuasive one. In an argumentative essay, the goal should be to provide logical information to the reader and prove your point of view systematically. This is an unbiased way to let the reader know about the rationality of your claim.

In contrast to argumentative essays, persuasive essays have diverse goals. In this essay type, you have to think about the ways to prove your point right. The success of writing a persuasive essay is measured through the satisfaction of the reader. If the reader agrees with your point of view, it means you are done with an effective piece of an essay.

  • Heads-up of Essay

The start of an argumentative essay is very systematic. It is necessary to collect data for argumentative essays from research. The data collected should be from credible writers. Also, the source of data collection matters. From research, you get to know about the relevant data. After that, you have to align the collected points in an effective way. In this way, you can give a good start to an argumentative essay.

On the other hand, persuasive essay demands for right identification of the topic. You have to spend valuable time understanding the core purpose hidden in the essay topic. After that, you have to work on your beliefs related to the essay.

  • Targeted Audience

Another difference between argumentative and persuasive essays is in the form of a targeted audience. In argumentative essays, you do not need to target a particular audience. If we talk about a persuasive essay, it needs a particular audience to target. So, it is better to know about the needs and demands of the targeted audience. In this way, it becomes easy to convince the audience.

  • Writing Technique of Essay

The writing technique is also different for argumentative and persuasive essays. The argumentative essay follows a systematic path. Here you have to understand the topic of the essay and find the resource to collect the best information. You can find evidence in different forms, including facts and figures. Use such evidence and let the reader understand the importance of different aspects of a single issue.

On the contrary, persuasive essays go for the blend of collected information and personal opinion.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points can help you understand the major differences between argumentative and persuasive essays. If you want to place your order for any type of essay, the best source is essay writing services UK. Otherwise, you can follow the tips of this article to come up with meaningful information in each essay type.

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