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Is Essay Editing Much More Difficult Than Writing?

Essay Editing
Susan Wray
July 15, 2022

Essay Editing

Revision of essay, also known as essay editing, is the process of fixing the structure and layout of an essay. Essay editing also makes the sentences sound more native and corrects errors. Both writing and editing involve many levels of resolution, and the task can be overwhelming if not handled by a professional. Many students consider essay editing services when they are unsure of their structure or format. This article will explore the factors that make essay revision and editing more challenging than the original writing.


Although formatting essays is easier than writing, many students still struggle with the process. The basic structure for an essay depends on the subject and type of paper, but there are some basic rules to follow. An essay should include an introduction, a strong thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The body paragraphs should address the strongest argument and support it with quotes and details. Before the conclusion part, there must be a counter-argument.

A logical structure is essential to improve the readability of your essay. Each paragraph should be structured in a way that makes sense. The essay should be broken into sections and focused. The introduction should provide context and outline the main points of the writing, and the conclusion should restate what has been covered in the body of the essay. Listed below are some tips to help you with formatting your essay. When writing a conclusion, you must summarize what you have said and cite references.

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Most students will claim that essay editing is more difficult than writing. This is not true. While writing is a creative process, editing involves formatting the content according to certain standards. As such, essay editing requires a lot of time and effort. This task involves attention to details like margins, space, grammar, and structure. The following tips will help you complete the editing without stressing your brain.

The first step in editing an essay is proofreading. Proofreading focuses on the surface errors in the piece, while editing focuses on the overall tone and style. In addition, essay editing involves making changes that can improve the tone and message of the piece. Before proofreading, students should take a break for at least 30 minutes to refresh their minds and eyes. This will help them see the paper from a fresh perspective.

Time Commitment

It is essential to set aside time for essay editing in your schedule. You need to review your essay at least three or four times. This will help you catch mistakes and make improvements. Separating your essay drafting and editing sessions is also recommended to maximize your time. The following are some time-management tips for essay editing:

Give yourself plenty of time. Leaving between five and seven days for essay editing will give you plenty of time to write your essay. Remember that some reviewers may need longer, especially during the holidays. Schedule enough time for the process, so you don’t feel rushed. It is also a good idea to break your routine and think about activities that spark your creative circuits. Essay editing can be a time-saver if you have a family or a job.

Spell Check

A spelling mistake is completely understandable in many cases, but the error has a different meaning. For example, if you have written the word “person” several times, it will not be obvious that it is the wrong spelling. You can also make an error by misusing homonyms, which are words that sound similar but have completely different meanings. It is important to pay close attention to these mistakes when proofreading your essay.

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While consistency is important in essay editing, not all mistakes are errors. Some are simply false positives. A common example is an inconsistency in capitalization, where some authors capitalize the word ‘university’ when describing a university as a whole but lower the capitalization when replacing the name. Inconsistencies can also be caused by errors in wording and structure, such as misspellings. Here are some tips to avoid them.

One of the most common mistakes students makes when editing essays is ignoring the paragraph structure. When the author doesn’t properly break up their paragraphs, the reader will not understand the flow of the essay. For this reason, they should ensure that the sentences follow a clear structure and present complete development of ideas. This way, the reader won’t get lost in the details of the essay.

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