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What Are Some Interesting Essay Writing Topics?

Essay Writing Topics
Susan Wray
July 01, 2022


Essay writing is a tedious task. This comes from the topic selection phase, which is the hardest part of essay writing. Sometimes, you spend hours and hours on essay writing topics but do not come up with a good topic. There are several reasons behind this scenario. The epicentre of today’s discussion is not discussing those reasons but providing you with a list of some interesting topics. Hence, I will discuss some interesting topics based on their types in this guide. So, let’s get started with today’s discussion.

Some interesting essay topics based on their types

Essays are normally of four types, e.g., argumentative, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive. The topics for each type are not the same because the requirements of each essay are different. Hence, to help you with each essay type, I will discuss three to four topics for each essay topic that you select. Hence, let’s start our discussion with essay writing tips related to argumentative essay type.

Argumentative essay topics

An argumentative essay explores the topic in much detail. The writer forms an argument and then defends that argument based on facts and figures. Hence, this essay type is analytical, and a brief description of essay writing topics is as follows:

1.     The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal. What do you think?

Cigarettes are harmful to everyone. This is what I think. It does not mean that you also think like that. So, this essay topic is argumentative in which you can choose either side. You can talk about the benefits of cigarettes or their harmful effects on human health. But remember that, whatever your selection, it should have the support of useful facts.

2.     College students should have the freedom to choose their courses. Your take on this?

This topic is yet again an argumentative essay topic. In this essay, you will be talking about why teachers should give students the freedom to choose their courses, and if you do not agree with this, you will have present concrete facts on taking a side. Hence, quote the examples where teachers have given such choices to students and discuss their impacts.

3.     Drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offence.

This third topic is also an argumentative essay topic in which you will be discussing whether drunk drivers be imprisoned for the first violation or should be given a chance. Again, the rule of thumb is the same, i.e., support your side with facts and figures. You can also quote government reports.

Persuasive essay topics

Although persuasive and argumentative essay topics may sound the same, there is a difference. That difference lies in the reasoning that writers use to defend their point. Persuasion is all about delivering your point through emotions and morality. Essay writing topics in this category are as follows:

1.     Hunting animals close to extinction is immoral.

The word “immoral” is saying it all. It tells that the topic is persuasive, and you must persuade your readers on why doing this is immoral. To persuade them better, you must take the support of emotions. Talk emotionally to raise awareness of this immoral act.

2.     Why should school breaks be longer?

School break is the period when students go out of the hectic environment of the class and play with friends. If you choose this topic, remember that you have to talk about why breaks should be longer. Give the emotional touch to the subject by highlighting the benefits of long breaks on students’ mental health, etc.

3.     Listening to music slows down the homework productivity

Productivity is the main thing that makes a student successful. Listening to music sometimes lessens the productivity of students. If you think so, then you can write a topic on this. You must talk about the side effects of lowered productivity in music listening to better establish your point.

Descriptive essay topics

In these essay writing topics, you mostly pay special attention to the details of the subject, not the actions. You describe the subject in much more detail. These essays need to convey a feeling, atmosphere, or place. A brief description of essay topics is as follows:

1.     Describe a museum that you visited recently

The word “describe” tells that this topic is descriptive. In this topic, you will discuss your recent experience of visiting a museum. What did you do there, and what things were present? You will talk about these things in detail.

2.     First day at school – The most memorable day

The first day at school is a day of joy for almost every student. It is also the most memorable day that students do not forget all their lives. If you choose this topic, you must write it in a descriptive tone. Explain what you did that day and who was your first friend. Also, talk about the first impression of the school.

3.     The first time you fell in love: Describe your feelings

It is another descriptive essay writing topic. As the topic says, all you need is to describe your feelings when you were in love with someone. You must use metaphors and be poetic to write this essay. It is necessary because you cannot describe the feelings right without this.

Narrative essays topics

While writing a narrative essay, consider yourself as the real writer. In this essay, you talk about your personal experiences and tell your readers about an interesting, sad, or happy event that happened to you. The most interesting essay writing topics related to this are as follows:

  • The influence of technology on my habits and study routine
  • An achievement outside of my academic life
  • A day when I fought procrastination
  • The time I faced the university rejection


Choosing essay writing topics requires the selection of essay categories first. It means you must figure out whether you want to write an argumentative or persuasive essay. This is the hardest task, and if not done correctly, it can cost you your grades. If you want to get your desired grade at an economical price, don’t worry and get help from a cheap essay writing service in the UK. Anyways, you can select any topic from the topics mentioned above. To make life easier for you, I have made a list based on the categories of different essays. READ, CHOOSE & WRITE.

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