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What Is A Good Way To Write An Abstract Of A Research Paper?

Abstract Of A Research Paper
Susan Wray
July 02, 2022


Are you working on a research paper? If yes, you must have a good hand on all the features of a research paper. A research paper is a scholarly article that justifies a research study. So, you should come up with standard material for it. The very first feature is an abstract for your study. Therefore, this article aims to discuss the abstract of a research paper in detail.

1. Is There any Abstract in a Research Paper?

Many researchers feel confused about abstracts in research papers. Most of the time, you hear about writing an abstract in a dissertation, but in the case of a research paper, you may be unaware of this. It is interesting to note that the abstract is a pivotal part of a research paper. Many writers take abstract writing to be tedious. This approach does not let them focus on the essential things of an abstract. You can also say that the approach to taking things easy does not let you meet the right ends. Many aspects are important to address in an abstract. It includes elements and the style of an abstract.

2. What is Abstract in Research?

An abstract is a self-contained section in a research paper that includes major information about the whole work. It includes basic information about the study problem and then focuses on the research methodology. In this way, it becomes easy for a reader to understand the way to explore a particular problem in the best way. It is the abstract of a research paper that summarises a detailed study. The purpose of writing an abstract is to give an overview to the reader. If a reader finds it interesting and relevant, he can read the rest of the paper. This way, it saves the reader time and helps him find the required study.

Another main advantage of the abstract of a research paper is in the form of an index. In this era of technology, you can find everything on the internet. In an online world, using keywords matters a lot, making it easy for an audience to search about their query. So, you can take it as a tip to write an effective abstract of a research paper that can grasp a reader’s attention on online platforms.

3. How do you write an Abstract for a Research Paper?

The abstract of a research paper is just a single paragraph, but it greatly impacts the reader’s mind. This single paragraph helps increase the number of readers and lets the research paper ace the milestones. It must be clear and straightforward. There should not be any vagueness in terms of sentences and terminologies. The right information on different elements of the abstract can help you write an effective research paper. These elements are mentioned below:

  • Introduction

The introduction of an abstract addresses the core purpose of a research paper. You must start an abstract by hitting the research problem in one line. After that, you have to write basic information related to the study’s background information. The purpose of adding background information is to identify the research gap. These two aspects should not be detailed, but you must provide a glimpse of them.

  • Substance of Study

The second element of the abstract is the significance of the study. The abstract of a research paper focuses on its significance to make it easy for other researchers to check its merit. The significance of research can be for the present time as well as for the future. You need to mention if the study is significant enough to benefit society. You can directly hit a particular sector for which your research is beneficial. For example, it can be an educational institute or an organisation. Based on the research problem, you can find which sector can be your target point. In this way, you can better grasp the attention of a targeted audience.

A direct approach to knowing about the relevant sector is the selected audience of research and its purpose. You must critically evaluate these two things to get the best idea of significance.

  • Methodology

The methodology is a major section. In methodology, you need to discuss the detailed process of research. The whole process should be addressed in three to five sentences only. Start with the information on the research design and mention the sample size and targeted audience. Write down the main variables of the study. There is no need to provide a brief description of each variable, but you have to write down the variable’s names. Many research studies include more than one research variable. Also, the type of variable is necessary to mention. You should determine which variable is dependent and which one is independent.

After that, you have to discuss the tools of research. The abstract of a research paper should not miss the techniques to conduct successful research.

  • Results

The results’ element provides a high point to the abstract. Simply put, you can take it as a climax in an abstract of a research paper. You have to write a research paper after the successful completion of the study to be well aware of the results. One of the most important tips for writing results in the abstract is about the tense. Per the research paper writing standards, the tense should be passed.

Final Thoughts

The 5 elements mentioned above can help you write a good abstract for a research paper. Read these elements carefully and implement them in the abstract of your research. In the last, you need to conclude your abstract. The conclusion is the interpretation of the research. You can address the implementation of your research in the conclusion. In this way, you can wind up the paragraph of the abstract. If you need more assistance writing an abstract, you can go for a research paper writing service UK.

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