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Why Assignment Writing Is A Challenge For Asian And South American Students?

Assignment Writing
Susan Wray
July 16, 2022

Most students may have no trouble writing a short article, but many students from Asia and South America find that assignment writing presents a challenge. This is one of the reasons they prefer hiring a writer or assignment writing services. These students face problems in many areas, including genre choice, plagiarism, and lack of collaboration. Below, we’ve listed several key reasons that make assignment writing a difficult task for them. Take a look at the reasons below to help you succeed in this daunting task.

Consider Your Intended Audience

Before writing any assignment, consider your intended audience. Identifying your audience will help you create content easily understood by the intended audience. For example, a younger audience will need shorter paragraphs than an older one. Your target audience will also impact word choice, tone, and style. Knowing who you are writing for, you can better connect with them and include relevant details. If it is not working, then considering assignment writing services in UK can be a choice too.

Your intended audience is the demographic group to which you intend to market your work. Consider your intended audience’s interests, preferences, and knowledge before writing an assignment for Asian and South American students. For example, if you’re writing a business document for a South American company, your audience will likely be Asian. Make sure to define and explain key concepts or terms that might be unfamiliar to the audience.

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Freedom To Choose Genre

Academic and professional writing often dictates the genre of a piece. To effectively engage readers, writers must carefully choose the genre that best suits their intended audience. For example, students studying African American literature and cultures should avoid writing about American politics or religion. However, African American students studying English literature and culture should stick to genres more suited to their cultural backgrounds. Below are some guidelines for choosing a genre for academic and professional writing. This can also be done through one of the custom assignment writing services.

Lack Of Collaboration

A recent study examined the perceptions of Asian and South American students about cooperative learning concepts. In a one-hour semi-structured interview, students stated that they valued classroom group discussions, where they could interact with other students and improve their English language skills and cultural understanding. However, they expressed negative feelings towards group assignments, in which students were required to complete a project as a group, and their performance was used to determine their marks.

Among the study’s findings was a significant gap between the perspectives of Asian and South American students. The students’ demographics showed that they were 49% freshmen, 31% sophomores, 11% juniors, and 9% seniors. Most writing groups were first-year students, while 82% of the non-writing groups were first-year students. Moreover, 61% of the participants were female, while 39% were male. Overall, students were Caucasian, with Asian and South American students forming just 6% of the sample.

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Many of the same problems confront Asian and South American students, but what sets them apart is the emphasis on economic development. The design of china’s education system is to reward high performance and encourage students to copy the ideas of masters. While students may not intend to plagiarize, this culture does not help to discourage the practice. Asian students, particularly those from East Asia, need more clarification about the definition of plagiarism in Western academia. For urgent assignment help, a service provider can be hired to save time.

While the US educational system is geared towards an Anglo-speaking student population, studies in other regions have shown a higher incidence of plagiarism among Asian and South American students. Many Anglophone countries have long been notorious for plagiarism; recent reports in Africa, South America, and Botswana have shown a higher incidence of the problem in these regions. While the US is notoriously strict about plagiarism, Asian and South American students are still susceptible.

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