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Why Dissertation Proposal Writing is a Challenge for New Students?

Dissertation Proposal Writing
Susan Wray
July 15, 2022

A successful research proposal must have a sound theoretical foundation, show that the proposed research is based on relevant literature, and emphasize a theoretical gap. A poorly written research proposal often relies heavily on anecdotes and personal opinions and fails to acknowledge or discuss important literature. If you think it would fail in the end, consider some dissertation proposal writing services.

These are just a few reasons why dissertation proposal writing is a challenge for new students.

Research Design

The first step in composing a good dissertation proposal is to define your research design. This design should include a detailed outline of the full study. If unsure of the research design, you can consult previous dissertations to get ideas. This outline will help you develop a research design that suits your topic and aims to answer the research question. The research design is closely related to the research methods used for the study. Generally, a good research design will ensure that your data will answer the research question.

The purpose of the research should also be clearly defined. Scholars must be sure of the ultimate purpose of their study, as this can help convince other people to fund the project. Some scholars may not have thought much about the research design, hypotheses, questions, and results. Research proposals should be framed in these terms, as reviewers expect them to be. In addition, thinking about the project this way may help them identify new aspects.

Lack Of Sources

One of the students’ biggest mistakes when writing a dissertation proposal is not including sources. Even when students have a well-defined topic, they cannot articulate it well in their proposal. Instead, they make the topic seem too broad. The proposal should include who, what, and when statements to show your focus. The following are a few tips to help you avoid this mistake. Once you have mastered these points, writing your dissertation proposal will become a breeze.

When writing a PhD research proposal, consider your audience. Assume a highly educated audience who will read your work and determine whether it’s relevant to them. You aim to persuade your audience that your study is worthwhile and will contribute to the field somehow. Consider your topic and determine whether it is a new territory or simply revise existing disciplinary fields. Remember that a dissertation proposal is a persuasive rhetorical piece that seeks readers’ assent to your study’s validity. Strong proposals are centred on a central claim and show a clear focus.

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Lack Of Theoretical Foundation

The lack of a strong theoretical framework in a dissertation proposal can have devastating results for your proposal. A strong theoretical framework should be brief, three to five pages long. It must provide relevant information about the topic and its theoretical underpinnings without getting too detailed. Using excessive personal opinion or anecdotes is a red flag for lack of a strong theoretical foundation. You will have more time to elaborate on concepts, review previous studies, or discuss important literature in your dissertation.

While writing a dissertation proposal, ensure your research is grounded in a theoretical framework. This provides the scientific context in which your research will be evaluated. It also provides the backbone on which your research will be based. Without a strong theoretical framework, your dissertation will be rejected, even if your proposal is excellent. Similarly, a theoretical framework gives you direction for your research, validates your hypothesis, and provides an explanation for specific actions.

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Lack Of Research Design

A dissertation or thesis proposal with insufficient details risks rejection. Universities prefer research proposals with detailed, practical plans for answering a specific research question. This includes data collection techniques, analysis techniques, and sampling strategies. If your research design isn’t clearly defined, consider reading Research Onion to understand better why the decisions you make are necessary for the project. Otherwise, consider contacting a British proposal writer for dissertation proposal help – Many of them can be contacted online. It can be helpful to refer to this resource when writing your proposal.

A strong research proposal should clearly articulate the proposed research’s importance and originality. Otherwise, it may not be taken seriously by funding agencies. It must be based on the relevant literature and fill a clear gap. Moreover, the topic must have a clearly defined context and emerge from existing research. Hence, it is vital to provide evidence to justify the chosen topic.

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