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A Free Sample Essay on Impact of Technology on Politics

Free Sample Essay
Susan Wray
August 27, 2022

Do you not know how to write an essay on the impact of technology on politics? How could you know when you have not written an essay before? However, by reading today’s guide, you will be able to write a good essay on this subject. Look, technology is a very wide subject, and this subject has an impact on each sector of life. It has affected every sector, from education to hospitals, businesses to industries, engineering to social science. Politics is not an exception because technology has impacted it severely, too. So, writing an essay on this subject requires some kind of advice or a free essay sample, which can guide you thoroughly.

Keeping this and the difficulties that students face in mind, we have decided to dedicate today’s article to writing a free sample essay on the impact of technology on politics. Along with the free essay, you will also find guidelines on how to write such an essay. So, let’s start by describing the guidelines.

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Guidelines to write a perfect essay on the impacts of technology on politics

Politics is a very dynamic subject which changes with changing environment of the country. With a boost in technology and social media, the dynamics of technology have also changed a bit. Hence, a brief description of the guidelines that you need to write an essay on this subject, which is changing rapidly, is as follows:

Understand the requirements of essay

We hope you are not like other students who just do not pay close attention to essay requirements, documents or instructions and suffer. So, re-read the instruction document and understand it fully. Know which area of politics your teacher has asked you to talk about. Also, get an idea of what writing style you have to adopt in your essay. These are necessary things, and you must look at them ASAP.

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Find relevant sources and read them

Once you are finished reading the instructions page, the next step is to find relevant sources for your topic. Make extensive use of the internet and turn the top journals upside down to extract the required information about the impacts. Research databases like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and ScienceDirect can also be very helpful in this. So, collect the relevant material to your topic and analyse it.

Craft the introduction section

The introduction section of your essay is the most important one as it opens up the conversation. Therefore, you need to craft it perfectly by taking care of all the requirements of this section. Normally, as seen in a free sample essay, this section starts off with a hook sentence, and then the problem statement comes in. After the problem statement, a brief background of the problem becomes part of the essay.

Write body paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, you talk about the impacts of technology on politics. Binding the impacts with some concrete facts and figures is the most important task when writing this section. The reason is it is the section where you prove your argument and explains to the reader how it has affected politics.

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Conclude the essay and conclude well

The conclusion comes at last of the essay. Whether you are writing a free sample essay or an actual essay, do not forget to conclude the essay well. The reason is that it is the crux of your essay, which tells the reader what you have explained in the upper paragraphs. It is important not to include anything new in the conclusion.

A free sample essay on the impacts of technology on politics

Whether we acknowledge it or not, technology has changed the face of politics entirely. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are so powerful that they can easily increase the ratings of a politician. Technology has become a deciding factor in most political races these days. Through technology, politicians are now able to run fund campaigns, spend less on their candidacy as a member of the assembly, and gain political significance. Thus, technology has affected politics severely.

One of the ways in which technology has impacted politics is the financial side of politics. The funds are an important factor in the political campaigns of every candidate. Without funds and adequate money to do the people’s work, no candidate can win the election. Now, in this modern era of technology, politicians, through the use of technology, raise funds and find the perfect donors for social work. They get this funding by broadcasting their campaigns using different marketing channels. As publicity on the internet is cheap, politicians use it extensively and improve the financial side of their politics.

Another way to look at this impact is to think about technology as a tool for free advertisement. It is no secret that when running for an election, the politician has to survey the whole region of his constituency, campaign there, and explain his political manifesto to the people. Technology has made it easier for politicians and saved them from spending a lot of funds on fuels by providing them with innovations like podcasting and free advertisements. Using a podcast, the politician can explain his political manifesto to a larger audience easily and effectively. The free internet advertisement of his manifesto also helps him a lot.

It is clear that technology has a great impact on modern-day politics. Gaining political publicity, raising funds for campaigns, and explaining a manifesto to a larger audience are some of the positive impacts that technology has brought to politics. Since technological devices are accessible everywhere and their use is widespread, their impact on politics is also increasing day by day.

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Conclusively, writing an essay requires some extraordinary skills in the form of researching, analysing, and writing. The guidelines mentioned above can help you a lot in crafting a very good essay on this topic. The free sample essay we have written for you will also serve as a guideline. So, read the whole article from top to bottom and write your essay based on this essay. However, if you are still facing any issues, hire the best essay writing services from Cheap-Essay-Writing.co.uk.

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