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Critical Essay Writing – 10 Ways to Master Writing Skills

Critical Essay Writing
Susan Wray
August 24, 2022

Ten ways to master critical essay writing skills:

Critical essay writing can be very challenging. It is because there are so many rules related to essay writing that you need to follow while writing a critical essay. However, many students do not know these rules. In this article, we will give you 10 ways to master writing skills for critical essay writing.

Choose your topic carefully and research it:

The first tip that can improve your critical essay writing is research skills. Before writing an essay, you need to choose a topic carefully. For this, you need to research all the topics that interest you. Make down a list of topics and choose the topic that interests you the most. After choosing the topic, you need to research it properly to get all the basic understanding. Doing this step is important to writing an effective essay.

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Use correct grammar:

For critical essay writing, you need to have a solid understanding of English grammar. You need to use correct grammar and punctuation if you want your essay to be taken seriously. Therefore, make sure that you have a proper understanding of grammatical rules before starting an essay. Any grammatical error can cause a very bad impression in the minds of your readers. Grammatical errors also make your essay difficult to understand. It is important that you try to work on your grammar if you do not know the proper grammatical rules. There is a lot of help that you can get from the internet. You should take online grammatical tests to check where you stand. You can also use writing tools that can automatically correct your grammar. While writing an essay, it is important that you avoid using transition words a lot. You should also avoid unnecessary complex words to avoid confusion.

Write like it is your job:

To become great at essay writing, you need to practice. There is no shortcut that can instantly improve your essay writing. You can only do that if you put effort and take the time to practice writing. Therefore, in order to write an essay, you need to act like it is your job where you need to get excellence. This can help you conquer stress and anxiety, and you can write with confidence. It can also help you generate your own writing style.

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Make an Outline:

The outline is very important in critical essay writing. It is important to know that you want to communicate properly before starting an essay. The best way to pay attention to the essay topic and create the right arguments for it is by making an outline before writing your essay. Making an outline can help you in the organization and construction of ideas in a purposeful and sequential flow.

Use a proper essay structure:

Essay structure is very important in critical essay writing. After completing an outline, the next step is to write your essay. It is important to consider the basic structure of an essay while writing it. Following are the elements in the basic structure of an essay which are the introduction paragraph, body of the essay, and conclusion. In the body of the essay, there will be several paragraphs that will focus on giving evidence for your thesis statement. In conclusion, you must write your essay again to tell your readers what you have proved in your essay. Your conclusion should have the information that can conclude your essay.

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Use the Right Vocabulary:

The use of language in the right way is also very important in essay writing. In an essay, your aim is to convince your readers that you could give a proper argument with a good sense of wisdom and intelligence. You will not be able to achieve this if you use confusing words. Thus it is important that you use the right vocabulary.

Analyze the evidence:

It is important that you keep your main argument and thesis statement in mind in critical essay writing. You should not distract yourself from irrelevant information. Before giving any evidence, you need to confirm that it is directly related to your thesis statement. Thus, you need to be analytical while choosing the evidence. You need to do credible research for your essay.

Support your research in conclusion:

You need to write a strong conclusion which supports your research work for your essay. Many students ignore the conclusion while writing an essay. However, the conclusion is the only part of an essay that connects your whole research and verifies it. Thus, you need to make it strong by summarizing all the information that you have mentioned in the essay body. You should connect your conclusion to your thesis statement to show how your essay information approves or disproves the main idea of your research.

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Revise your draft:

In critical essay writing, it is important that you accept that the first draft of your essay can never be perfect. In most cases, your first draft of your essay is not good. However, you should not worry because, with proper refining, you can make it good. After writing your first draft, you just need to simply refine your material and analyze it.

Edit your work:

The last stage of critical essay writing is editing. It is one of the most important parts of the essay writing process. It is because, in essay writing, editing is a very tough skill as they require a high value of your time and effort. You need to develop the skill to identify and remove unnecessary words from your essay. With the help of this skill, you will be able to edit your essay easily. In the end, you can have a very high-quality critical essay.


The above guide can help you improve your writing skills. With the help of good writing skills, you can easily master critical essay writing in no time. All you need to do is to follow the above-given tips. However, if you still have any confusion, hiring a cheap essay writing service from the best essay writers can be helpful for you.

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