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Why All PhD Programs Require A Dissertation And What Must Include In It?

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Susan Wray
August 04, 2022

Not all, but most PhD programs require a dissertation to provide a final assessment of a student’s capabilities. Doctorate programs are different from bachelor’s and master’s programs as they only give importance to the research process. Coursework or classwork has only little or no importance in doctorate programs. PhD programs aim to provide society with the best researchers and scientists with the dream of a better tomorrow. Moreover, in such degrees, the only thing that can serve as a tool to access a student’s performance is a piece of dissertation. Thus, dissertation writing is the core practice that a PhD scholar needs to master to get a doctorate with good grades. This article aims to throw light on the importance of a PhD dissertation and its essentials as well.

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Reasons for making dissertation compulsory for getting a PhD degree:

A thesis or a dissertation is the written proof of efforts by a PhD scholar to increase understanding of the research process. Without a dissertation, no one except the advisor knows what kind of research a student conducted to solve a particular problem. The dissertation gives opportunities to all field experts to judge whether a scholar has grabbed enough knowledge to be awarded a doctorate. This is because completing a worth-noted piece of the dissertation needs scholars to attain highly polished research with critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, it allows PhD students to exhibit their expertise and understanding of scientific methods to deal with every research problem related to a particular area of interest. By reviewing the quality of a dissertation, data fabrication, biasness, originality, and fake representation of results (if any) can be calculated. Thus, writing a dissertation is made compulsory for getting a doctorate in light of its importance necessary for the continuity of research.

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Things to be included in a PhD dissertation:

            PhD dissertations are written for a specific highly-qualified audience; thus, they must be a clear, focused, and well-reported piece of information. It is a passcode to get a doctorate; hence, originality in research ideas is the major factor that needs to be focused on throughout the tenure. It must include valid claims and strong evidence to support the argument. Quality concerns such as thin analysis, lack of critical thinking, and leaving gaps in research are not acceptable in a PhD dissertation. Broadly, the following are some important components that a PhD dissertation must include: Cover pages, Title pages, Copyright pages, Dedication page, Epigraph, Table of content, List of figures, List of tables, Abstract, Acknowledgement, List abbreviations, Abstract, Chapter 1 (introduction), Chapter 2 (Review of literature), Chapter 3 (Material and Methods), Chapter 4 (Data Analysis and Results), Chapter 5 (Discussion), Chapter 6 (Conclusion), References, and Appendix.

These twenty components collectively make a document named a doctoral dissertation. Each component has its purpose or way to formulate. The preliminary pages, such as cover pages, title pages, copyright pages, dedication pages, and epigraphs, are more or less similar in all thesis; thus, you can borrow these pages from your fellows, pupils, and PhD Dissertation Writing Services and use them in the dissertation after making changes where required. However, other parts require you to fulfil a set of requirements; a few of them are mentioned below:


It is the summary of the whole doctorate research.


It sets a stage for the audience by describing brief background, defining key terms, and the scope of researching a particular topic of interest.

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Review of literature:

It compiles all previous studies to find gaps and points of special importance in research. It tells readers what kind of work has been done and what trends still need to be explored through extensive research. Critical evaluation of facts in the scholarly articles and papers is the most important point in the PhD dissertation.

Material and methods:

Research approach, philosophy, design, data collection methods, time horizons, sample size, data analysis tools and techniques, and protocol of a complete experiment (if conducted for collecting data) are the topic to be discussed in this dissertation chapter. The reason behind a certain choice is another important thing to be included in the methodology section of the dissertation.

Data analysis and results:

Data analysis is the most critical step so that a scholar may require PhD dissertation help from supervisors and other field experts for smooth progression. It is the process of sorting, organising, and reducing large data sets to get meaningful and logical results. The right tool and technique selection greatly determine the success of a whole research process. Thus, the data analysis ends by giving results in graphical or tabular form that is easier to interpret and write in the thesis.


It is the platform to validate results drawn after completing the research in the light of findings of other scholarly works. Both contrasting and supporting facts from other research findings with proper reason can be used in this part of the PhD programs.


Like the conclusion section of all other academic writing tasks, the dissertation’s conclusion section also includes the main research problem and the possible solution to that problem in light of current study results.


Everything that seems relevant but not essential to a dissertation, such as questionnaires and recipes of different reagents, can be included in the appendix. However, different appendices must be suffixed ‘A’, ‘B’, and so forth for different types of items. If the PhD dissertation writing service conducts research, then you can request them to send you the material to be added in the appendix.

 Final thoughts:

After all, is said and done, it can be concluded that a dissertation is mandatory in most doctorate programs as it helps the research committee access the knowledge and research practices that a PhD scholar has learned during the tenure. The dissertation must include the above twenty vital components to make a masterpiece. A detailed doctoral dissertation guide must be followed for more understanding of how to write each of these components.

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