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30+ Free Satire Essay Topics & Ideas For College Students

30+ Free Satire Essay Topics & Ideas For College Students
Nicholas Norman
November 25, 2022

As a student, you must work on various academic writing tasks. Sometimes, you work on an assignment and sometimes on an essay. This time you have been asked to write a satire essay. Right? Do you know what the most difficult thing about writing this essay is? Yes, choosing the best topic from all the given satire essay topics. Topic selection governs the success or failure of your essay. So, you must be extra careful about it.

As you are here, it is not difficult to guess that you are looking for a list of some good satire essay topics to write on. Well, do not worry; we have got you covered. In today’s article, we will discuss what a satire essay is, some hot topics related to this essay, and at last, writing guidelines for composing a perfect satire essay. Let’s start with the definition.

What Is A Satire Essay?

A satire essay is a type of essay like other essay types. What makes it different is its way of describing and explaining things. This essay type uses irony and humour to explain the subject or topic of the essay. Satire or satirical essays are majorly written in the context of social and political events. To amuse the readers, the writer of this essay presents facts, opinions, or views about the event or topic in a humoristic and comical way. It is a very powerful creative writing in the literature that makes good use of hilarious devices and words to explain the topic.

List Of The Top Satire Essay Topics For Students

Topic selection is the most crucial and primary step in writing a satire essay. It is difficult for students to choose a good topic from different satire essay topics. Therefore, they look for online guides that allow them to choose a topic from ready-made topics. Hence, a list of the top 30+ topics is as follows:

  1. How did World War II change the entire face of the Earth?
  2. What can Europeans learn today from the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall?
  3. Was Aristotle a great philosopher of all times?
  4. What is the role of history in shaping society as we see it today?
  5. The role of the Royal Family of the UK in politics now.
  6. What is British Exit or Brexit all about?
  7. A brief look at different ways being used by Europeans to reduce illegal migration
  8. Should the voting age in the UK be lowered or not?
  9. Should we as a society listen to politicians anymore?
  10. Is the concept of communism the direct opposite of capitalism?
  11. Reasons behind the rise in teen moms in the UK
  12. What do you think is bad about smartphones?
  13. How can countries like India deal with overpopulation?
  14. Is ignoring strangers a good idea or a bad idea?
  15. Is abortion the best method to cope with overpopulation?
  16. What are some simple solutions to soil erosion?
  17. Instead of driving cars, riding horses will be more fun. What do you think?
  18. Does humanity need the ozone layer to live?
  19. Is zero waste ideology achievable?
  20. Discuss the role of polythene bags in environmental pollution.
  21. How are women better athletes than men?
  22. Who are the tougher: rugby players or football players?
  23. What do you think about the allowance of steroids in sports?
  24. Is there anyone who understands the meaning of the off-side rule in soccer?
  25. Will the sport rugby ever become popular in the UK?
  26. Should same-gender be legal in society?
  27. How easy is it to run your own business?
  28. Employing the right people for the right business
  29. Ways of getting success in a business without doing much effort
  30. Will robots take over humans in the near future?
  31. Is Wi-Fi in public parks safe in terms of user data?

Hence, these are the 30+ satire essay topics that you can study. However, if you cannot find a topic related to your field, visit a cheap essay writing service and ask for a custom topic selection.

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Effective Writing Guidelines For Writing A Satire Essay

Writing a satire essay is an extremely tough and challenging job. Not every student can handle a satire essay. Looking at the satire essay topics above, it looks easy to craft, but they are not easy to do. Hence, a brief description of the guidelines to follow is as follows:

  • Know The Essay Requirements. The first guideline is very obvious. To write a satirical essay, you must know the teacher’s requirements. It means you must know the required word count and preferred writing style.
  • Make An Outline. Second, you must have an outline when writing this essay. Without an outline, you may get lost in ideas and may craft something else other than a satirical essay.
  • Use Literary Elements. When explaining the ideas and discussing the pieces of evidence, make sure to use literary elements. Those elements are irony, hyperbole, and sarcasm. The use of these elements is necessary to exaggerate the opinion.
  • Write Hilariously. Hilariousness is an important aspect of a satire essay. Therefore, as the writer, you should make sure you write hilariously. If you do not know how to write like this, visit any essay writing company, buy an essay online, and analyse it.
  • Edit And Proofread. Lastly, you must not forget to edit and proofread your essay. Proper editing and proofreading allow you to eliminate all grammatical, spelling, and punctuational mistakes.


To sum up, a satire essay is a kind of literary writing that uses sarcasm and irony to explain a topic. From the list of satire essay topics given above, choose a topic that piques your interest and write about it. We all know that writing this essay is very difficult. Therefore, we have also mentioned effective writing guidelines. Hence, follow those guidelines and write accordingly.

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