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Ideas for English Writing Assignments for College Students

February 18, 2021
John Caius
Ideas for English Writing Assignments
To write an English assignment is always a troublesome task for the students. The students have to face lots of problems while writing an English assignment. First, they have underdeveloped writing skills. Underdeveloped writing skills mean that they don’t have enough command of the language, vocabulary and syntax etc. Secondly,

How to Write a Research Paper and Get it Published

February 15, 2021
Research Paper
John Caius
Get Research Paper Published
An extended essay in which you will have to present your interpretations, evaluations and arguments is the research paper. While writing a research paper, you will have to build your idea. Moreover, you will have to present the ideas of the experts. To find the best possible information relevant to

Opening of Nursery Classes in the UK – Parents Concerns

January 22, 2021
John Caius
Nursery Classes
The opening of nursery classes in the UK has become a matter of great importance; parents, as well as the teachers, are concerned more about the health of the small children rather than their education and future. At this point, nothing is bigger or more dangerous than Covid-19, and as

Common Mistakes in Undergraduate Essays You Should Know

January 08, 2021
Essay Writing
John Caius
Undergraduate Essays
Undergraduate essays a key part of academic life and are the key to attaining your degree with flying colors. However, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, as well as, insufficient time to get to know more about them, students end up making a lot of mistakes in their

Change Your Content Management Strategy For Businesses Post Due to Covid-19

June 28, 2020
Writing Tips
John Caius
Content Management Strategy For Businesses
..In the aftermath of COVID-19, along with the individuals the business organizations also need to look over their strategies by considering the long-term effects of the pandemic. By keeping in view how this current crisis can change the long-term social interactions, events and personal contacts, they have to come up
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