A Comparative Study of Chinese Small Medium Enterprise

This dissertation aimed to identify and develop an effective incentive mechanism for the medium and small-sized technology-based companies in China through comparing different incentive theories and factors. The required data of this research is obtained using various sources, mainly primary and secondary data signifies the type of data. In order to test the assumptions made in this research, questionnaire has been used as the quantitative data collection tool.

Digitization – An Impact on the Employment

It has observed from the current performances of the industries that the organization has drastically changed in the last few years. The firms have become more efficient and productive in their daily activities. Even the speed of the organization operations has also been increased effectively. The actual fact behind all these developments is the emergence of digital technology in the global market.

The Psychological Basis for Terrorism and Terrorists

The present research paper sheds light on the evidences that explain the psychological basis for terrorism and terrorists. The paper summarizes the agreeing and disagreeing responses and approaches of the accredited scholars and practitioners both regarding the terrorist organizations. Structurally, the essay explores mindsets of people joining the terrorist organizations followed by the evaluation relevance of psychopathology and individual personality for understanding or preventing terrorism.

Assignment – Marketing Plan for NEXT PLC

In this marketing plan, the execution of marketing strategy of an existing organization that is ‘NEXT’ will be discussed. In this plan the marketing strategies implementation will be discussed in detail. The marketing mix and the targeting, segmenting and positioning strategy of NEXT in China will be elaborated.

Case of Retail Industry

The first chapter of the research is introduction and deals with introducing the topic of research. This chapter includes background of the topic so as to understand the setting and origin of the certain topic while conducting the research in a better way. The chapter also provides a brief background of the industry that has been chosen in the research for analysis so that the current situation of the retail sector may be gauged.

Millennium Development Goals 1 and 3

For the international developmental objectives, United Nations Organization develop eight developmental objectives in the year of 2000. These goals were established following the millennium summit, and they were eight in number. These international developmental goals were termed as “Millennium Development Goals” and United Nations Millennium Declaration Adoption was followed by them. All of the countries, which are members of United Nations and 23 different multinational organizations decided to follow this plan and to help the UNO in order to meet with these goals till 2015.

Case Study on Marketing of Subway

In general, we define services as deeds, processes or performances. The services availed or given are not tangible things which can be touched, seen felt, but rather are intangible deeds and performances. The better servicesare the strategic asset of any organization; this talent f serving the customer has to be managed and preserved. This project presents a descriptive study, which mainly investigates on the effectiveness of 7 P’s in service marketing and service marketing as well. A case study of SUBWAY, a leading fast food restaurant, has been presented in this research and analysis of the effectiveness of their service part and betterment in the service marketing of the business.

Case Study on Employment Satisfaction at Sainsbury

In the current scenario there is cut throat competition everywhere across the world. Customer is the king of the market and does not have too much time as well as patience to wait for the desired product. It is not possible for the customers to wait that when will organizations come back with the desired changes and then customers will buy that product. In the present time an organization cannot expect Loyalty from the customers. Today the customers does not hesitate even they are ready to switch over to the organization whichever being able to provide proper quality of service and speed as well.

Assignment on Knowledge Management

This study will hence aim at finding the limitations of the IT driven KMS strategies for the MNC organizations and at the same time reap the benefits by implementing and following the social perspective of KMS. The study is a report to the MD of the MNC organization for implementation of better KMS strategies for the effective knowledge flow and knowledge sharing within the organization by incorporating social perspective and strategies along with the IT driven KMS. The researcher has done secondary research to understand the underlying KMS for MNC organizations so that efficient analysis for the research problem background can be done.

Assignment on Marketing

Marketing is a key tool which enables a business or an individual to elaborate on the importance of a service or a product. The key to successful marketing in making the customer want the product and create the desire in the mind of the customer to buy. There are various factors which have to be in perfect synchronization for a customer to be convinced with respect to the utility of the product and ultimately making him pay