Tips to write an essay on Information Theory

Writing an essay is a tricky thing. Student finds it very difficult to write. There are many reasons that students fear essays. Essays are time to consume and require in-depth research. Students usually lack knowledge that is required to write an essay. Different essays have different purposes but the basic structure remains the same. You may be writing an essay to argue for a particular point or explaining some steps, the format will remain the same

  1. Introduction

The main purpose of the introduction is to present your argument and thesis statement about your topic. The thesis statement should be clear, one sentence explanation of the purpose of your essay. The introductory paragraph should start with a catchy statement to attract reader’s attention.

  1. Body

The middle paragraphs of the essays are known as body paragraphs. The main purpose of this part is to explain your ideas and thesis statement in detail. You should use your strongest arguments. Use the relevant examples to support your arguments.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion comes at the end of your essay. This is your last chance to present your case and convince your readers. The conclusion can also be called as the second introduction because it carries only the main points of your essay. A conclusion should not be too long. Four to five well-written sentences are enough. The final sentence of the essay should be global arguments or call to action sentence, which gives the signals to readers that the discussion has come to an end.

You have to do the following things before, during and after writing your essay.


Before starting your essay, it is important that you do an intensive research. It will help you to explore different areas and will provide you with the guidelines. Research is very important for writing an outstanding essay. After the research, you are in a position to write a thorough essay.


After the research, you draw a structure for your essay. Structure helps you to be on track and do not let you distracted. You can also read other people’s essay to get an idea and that will also help you to develop your vocabulary.

Keep it simple

Keep your essay very simple so that it is easily understandable by your readers. Use vocabulary but do not use difficult one. Do not complicate your essay, you will not only confuse yourself and but you will confuse your readers as well.


Avoid quoting

Some writers use too many quotes in order to support their arguments. This is not a good practice, use your own ideas and trust yourself. When you will trust yourself and your ideas, your readers will trust you too.


The most important thing is to enjoy your writing. When you will enjoy your essay, it will automatically be attractive and enjoyable to read.


If you want a good essay, proofread it. Revision are always good. Proofreading not only eliminates the errors but also improve the text. Give the final touch to your essay by formatting the texts and setting it according to the requirements.