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Month: October 2021

Writing Music Vs Writing An Essay. What Is The Difference?

October 18, 2021
John Caius
Writing Music Vs Writing An Essay
A most common misunderstanding among students is; the terms ‘composition’ and ‘Essay’ have the same meaning.  But this is not true. Although these two terms have a strong connection, they have many differences too.  This article by Cheap Essay Writing UK will discuss the differences between writing music and writing

How to Write an Admission Essay?

October 16, 2021
John Caius
Admission Essay
If you want to secure admission at a good college or university, you must follow various steps. Apart from filling the admission form, you have to submit an admission essay as well. It is a test of your writing skills, and you can impress the college administration with it. An

How Technological Advancement Leads To Economic Growth – Sample Essay

October 11, 2021
John Caius
Technological Advancement
Technological advancement means innovation in business processes leading to better living standards. With improved business processes, operational efficiencies are expected to enhance leading to economic growth in a country. In a normal course of things, technological advancement does seem to make a difference in the lives of people, businesses and

A Complete Guide to Writing a Hypothesis

October 06, 2021
John Caius
Writing a Hypothesis
A hypothesis is a statement that a researcher can use to test the relationship between variables. Hypothesis statement has many similarities with the thesis statement. For example, they both tell readers about the significance of the research. But they also have some differences. Like, the hypothesis may be wrong, but
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