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The Format and Structure of a Winning College Application Essay

May 11, 2023
Susan Wray
College Application Essay
Is your high school over and now you are wondering how to get into your favourite college or university? One important part of the admission process is the submission of your college application essay to smoothen the journey of getting into the college of your choice. A stellar college admission

Unlock Your Creativity with These 20+ Unique Criminology Dissertation Ideas

April 19, 2023
Dissertation Writing
Susan Wray
Criminology Dissertation Ideas
Criminology is a vast field that specifically deals with the study of crime and its causes. This criminology field is also related to the effects and prevention of crimes on other aspects of society. Criminology students need to submit a dissertation as part of their academic curriculum. A criminology dissertation

What Is Purposive Sampling? What Are the Advantages of Using It in Thesis Writing?

April 08, 2023
Susan Wray
Purposive Sampling
Purposive sampling is a type of non-probability sampling that involves selecting participants based on specific criteria relevant to the research question. It is used in qualitative research and can be an effective tool for thesis writing. In this article, we will explore purposive sampling in detail and discuss some advantages

Great Examples of Pictorial Essay Topics That You Will Not Find Anywhere

March 25, 2023
Susan Wray
Pictorial Essay
Are you looking for pictorial essay topics to try for yourself? If yes, you have come to the right place. You might be wondering about the purpose of a photo essay. A pictorial essay is intended to evoke emotion from the viewers or tell a story using a series of

Qualitative Data Analysis – A Detailed Tutorial with Methods + Examples

March 10, 2023
John Caius
Qualitative Data Analysis
Qualitative Data Analysis can seem quite daunting. There are too much jargon and abstractions. In this article, we will cover the most common analysis methods. It will make your data analysis confident and skilful. What is Qualitative Data? Qualitative data is non-numerical and descriptive. It comprises subjective observations, opinions, and
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