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All You Need To Know About Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research
John Caius
July 02, 2018

To write an academic paper, you will have to gather the data. There are two possible ways or research methodologies to gather the data. One is a qualitative research methodology, and the second is a quantitative research methodology. If we have selected a qualitative research methodology, we will have to gather the data from primary sources. On the other hand, if we have selected a methodology, we will have to gather the data from the secondary resources. Anyhow, here we will discuss the quantitative research methodology. If you cannot gather the data by using the quantitative research methodology, you can get help from the best dissertation proposal writing services.

Objectives or Purposes of Quantitative Research Methodology

There are a lot of purposes for gathering the data by selecting the quantitative research methodology. Some of them are given below;

  • The first purpose of quantitative research methodology is to quantify the data. For this reason, we will have to generalize results from the population sample according to our interests.
  • The second purpose is to measure the views and opinions regarding that sample.
  • The third purpose is to explore the previous research findings further.
  • With the help of quantitative research, it is easy for us to recommend a final course of action for our academic paper.
  • This is consider a structured technique to gather the data. For this reason, we can gather the data from the online questionnaires and telephonic interviews.

Things to Keep in Mind While Gathering the Data by Using the Quantitative Research Methodology

You should be very careful while gathering the data using the quantitative research methodology. The most important things that you should keep in mind are given below;

  • You should try to explain all the data you have gathered using this methodology.
  • During the data collection, there is a possibility of the occurrence of some unanticipated events. You should try to provide a report of these unanticipated events.
  • Try to explain the possible techniques you have used for the data analysis process.
  • You should try to avoid inferring causality.
  • To provide the exact values, you should try to provide all the figures and tables.
  • The basic research design for the quantitative research methodology

The basic research design of the quantitative research methodology consists of five components. These components are explained below;

  • First of all, there comes the introduction in which you will have to identify the research problem, provide a literature review, and describe the theoretical framework.
  • In the second, there comes the methodology. In the methodology, you will have to detail the study population, data collection, and data analysis.
  • Thirdly, there comes the results and findings of this methodology. In this section, you should try to provide a statistical analysis of these results and findings.
  • Fourthly, there comes the introduction in which you will have to interpret the results, describe the trends, discuss the implications, and describe the limitations of the research.
  • At last, there comes the conclusion in which you will have to provide an idea about the summary of the findings, recommendations, and future research.
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