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Opening of Nursery Classes in the UK – Parents Concerns

Nursery Classes
John Caius
January 22, 2021

The opening of nursery classes in the UK has become a matter of great importance; parents, as well as the teachers, are concerned more about the health of the small children rather than their education and future. At this point, nothing is bigger or more dangerous than Covid-19, and as it has already taken millions of lives and affected millions one way or another, the parents’ concern is very genuine and offers food for thought for people or the government officials who are insisting on opening the nursery classes despite knowing the current situation.

According to a PhD dissertation writing service, the UK has been badly hit by the Covid-19 during this past year; the region faced more than three million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and over 90,000 people died during the pandemic. The government was under immense pressure to keep all the schools in England closed for two weeks, even after the Christmas break, amid a surge in the virus. It is because, the number of cases reached record levels in early January, partly driven by a new variant of the virus thought to be much more easily transmissible than other strains.

In addition to this, the UK hospitals are under significant strain, and they are finding it difficult to cope with the number of people falling sick with this virus, which is indeed very concerning for parents when it comes to the safety and welling of their children. They do not know what to worry about, loss of the academic years and early training or health of their children. Due to the presence of infection and severe lockdown, the nurseries remained closed for a long time. At this time, what is worrying parents is their inability to find the right nursery for their children when they go to work, has the staff following the right protocols and provides the safest environment to their children.

Mothers who work full time or part-time need someone to care for their young children, and these nurseries were the perfect solution. However, with the current situation, they are not sure if the government’s decisions to open these nurseries are wise and if they should send their children, even when they are in a fix themselves. The country’s chief scientific adviser has warned regarding the severity of the situation and even went to the extent of declaring it a war situation or war zone due to the things that people have to deal with.

It is not pretty at all, keeping in mind the rising number of hospital admissions and death. All this paints a grim picture as not only adults, but children are also at risk of infection. As the hospitals are also at their most vulnerable, even going to the hospital is not a good option if someone falls sick due to a high level of infection as well as the new variety which is believed to be 70% more contagious. Teaching unions have also told the primary school staff that it is not safe to return to work and insists on remote learning. Not only this, but the head teachers are also planning to take legal action to force the education ministry to reveal the data behind the decision regarding schools planning to reopen.

While most of the primary schools in England are expected to open on money, the secondary schools are expected to follow soon but this is not making the parents or the political parties happy. The labor party has gone to the extent of accusing the government of creating chaos for parents and causing unnecessary worry in such testing times. The fact cannot be denied that if nurseries remain close, the young children are missing out on what is important; the biggest factor being social contact. Nurseries allow children to learn all about friendships, sharing, and collaborative play, and with nurseries closed, the learning process might take a back step, and the children will only be seeing their parents, which is not good for their social development skills.

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The opening of nursery classes in the UK is a serious issue, and the parents are most concerned regarding the health and safety of their children as the new virus strain is being feared for what damage it could do. Even though many of the nursery schools and other early year settings are open, the authorities need to keep a very close eye on the measures being taken by these facilities to ensure parents that their young ones are in safe hands and there is no danger of them contracting the virus.

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