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Common Mistakes While Collecting Data For Dissertation

Collecting Data
John Caius
April 08, 2021

Many things should be considered when collecting dissertation data because it is the essential part of the dissertation as data analysis depends upon this section. Students first decide what type of data should be collected and whether the study is based on primary or secondary data. In the modern world, getting secondary data is not difficult because the internet is there to help us. The internet has solved many problems for students and professionals, and households. Every person uses the internet to solve their problems, even if they are minor. The keyword is only necessary to write in the search engine to get information.


Secondary data of the dissertation can also get through the help of the internet, but the appropriate use of keywords is vital to get the relevant information. You can try different keywords on search engines to get more information about your topic. The secondary data can also be gathered through the online libraries, university libraries or getting the best dissertation writing help online. The secondary data include the past literature of different authors that can be collected through the old research papers held in the university’s library. However, finding a relevant research paper in the university library is very difficult for the students compared to finding it on the internet.


You should be focused on your topic while collecting data because many students write irrelevant information in the dissertation that does not include a single relevant thing in a paragraph. Most of the time, students use the keywords related to the topic, but they cannot get the relevant information. Still, they include the collected data that do not include the concept and variables that are required by your topics.


In addition, students can get the data through questionnaires and interviews if the study is based on a primary source. You should be very careful while surveying interviews. You may conduct a structured or unstructured interview, but proper planning is required. You should interview the wrong person who has nothing to do with your research topic. students often interview irrelevant people due to a lack of approach to the highest authority, which leads to irrelevant and wrong information about a particular organization.


Moreover, you can also get the data from the newspaper and magazines for the study that extends from the previous work. In addition, students conduct surveys by distributing questionnaires to several students, employees or other people to get the information related to the topic under study. However, most of the time, the incompetent students make mistakes by distributing the questionnaires to the irrelevant person or the person who could understand what has been written in the questionnaire.


Moreover, many employees or high authority of an organization or students do not provide accurate information in the questionnaire because they do not take an interest in filling the survey. They only mark the options even without reading them. The wrong information provided in the questionnaire results in a disaster of the data analyses because all the results will be based upon the incorrect information; hence the result will be negative. You will not be able to get good grades and will have to start from the beginning. Therefore, students should determine these difficulties and solutions to these problems very early to avoid future difficulties.

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