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How to Write Synopsis in Assignment? Types and Rules to Follow

Synopsis in Assignment
Susan Wray
July 08, 2022


Not sure how to write the synopsis in assignment? Do you not know the common rules to follow when writing a synopsis? If this is the case with you, do not go anywhere and read this article until the last. It will talk about the synopsis in general and the most common types and rules to follow when crafting this hugely important piece of your assignment. Hence, let’s start today’s discussion by defining the term first.

What does it mean by a synopsis in assignment?

A synopsis is a summarised description or the outline of your assignment. It outlines the writing process of your assignment from start to end. Although this piece of information, i.e., a synopsis, is like a summary, it differs from the summary. It contains the plot details and a suitable ending in the context of your assignment. A good synopsis allows the readers to understand what the assignment is about and what is its tone.

What are the main parts of a synopsis?

As mentioned earlier, this important piece of information differs from a mere summarization of the assignment ideas. To write it perfectly, it is important to know its parts. Mainly, there are three parts of a synopsis in assignment. A brief description of those is as follows:

  • Introduction and the background of the issue that you have addressed in your assignment
  • A core idea that your assignment responds to
  • The methods used and their justification is also a part of this writing

Types of synopses in an academic assignment

After reading the information given above, you know the definition of a synopsis and a description of its parts. Now, let’s discuss the two types of synopses in academic assignments, i.e., research and narrative.

1.      Research synopsis – The most commonly used type of synopsis

The research and project synopsis is the most common of the two major types of synopsis. In this type of synopsis, the researcher gives a snapshot of the future research he will carry out. Simply put, it is a kind of research proposal containing the background information on the issue and a literature review. It also contains a description of the methods that you will be using in your assignment.

2.      Narrative Synopsis – Written for books and novels

Synopses are not only written for an academic assignment but also in books and novels. A synopsis written to summarise the characters and plots of a book or novel is narrative synopsis. Writing such a synopsis is difficult as it demands a condensed version of the story. In simple words, it requires you to describe the whole story in a condensed form. The three major parts of this synopsis are characters, plots, and narrative arcs.

Rules to follow to write a synopsis in assignment

Many students already hire assignment writing services to get good assignments. The synopsis writing poses a new challenge to them. Lack of knowledge about the rules of writing a synopsis in assignment leads to the complete failure of students (Saluja S, 2021). Considering this, a brief description of the rules of writing a synopsis is as follows:

1.      Aim of the assignment writing

The first thing that comes in a synopsis is the aim of the assignment. It tells the readers what you aim to achieve through this assignment. Giving the aim of the assignment is necessary as it guides the reader about the purpose and draws an initial picture of the assignment issue in the reader’s mind. Please note that the aim of your assignment must not exceed 2 to 3 sentences or lines. An aim section of this length is enough for a synopsis in assignment.

2.      Talk about the methods used in the assignment

The next rule you must follow when writing a synopsis is talking about the methodology. Discuss all the methods you have straightforwardly used in your assignment. Do not go into details as the detail prolongs the synopsis, which is not good. Write the methods after the aim because you can relate them better when writing one after the other. Please ensure not to go into many details and justify the method selection. Only talk about the methods briefly.

3.      Highlight the main results of the study

The next rule to follow is to highlight the main results of your study. It is necessary to showcase the important results in the synopsis of the assignment, as it encourages the readers to read more. Highlighting two to three main results inject a desire to read more in the readers who read your assignment from start to end. Please make sure to state those results that directly relate to your assignment topic. Discussing side results is not allowed and is also incorrect for synopsis writing.

4.      Discussion of the results

The 4th most important part or rule of a synopsis in assignment is the discussion of results in the context of the main issue. In the previous step, you stated the results using four to five sentences. Now discuss them briefly in the next three to four lines. In the discussion section, you can discuss the importance of the results in the context of the main issue.

5.      Conclusion of the whole assignment

Do you know the importance of writing a good conclusion when writing a synopsis in assignment? You must be thinking a synopsis itself is a conclusion, but it is not true. It is the summary, and in summary, you have to conclude the assignment issue too. So, talk about what the results of the assignment suggest. Hence, craft it while considering the main issue and craft it right as it is the crux of your whole assignment.


The rules for writing a synopsis in assignment are not limited to those mentioned above. Of course, there are many others along with concluding the topic right. Here, you will only find a description of the top rules. There is no doubt that you will pass your assignment by merely following these rules. Hence, READ, UNDERSTAND & FOLLOW them.




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