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What Are Some Good Topics For An MBA Dissertation In The Area Of Finance?

topics for MBA dissertation
Susan Wray
July 01, 2022


Are you going to work on your MBA dissertation, particularly in the area of finance? It is great to hear that someone is doing his research work in this dry field. But do you know the requirements for writing a good MBA dissertation? Yes, you have got it right. The first and the most important requirement is the selection of topics for MBA dissertation. You have selected the area “Finance,” which is good. It is because if you have not selected it early, the first stage would have been selecting the area of interest, as MBA is a very fast field.

Anyways, in today’s article, I will only talk about the topics for MBA dissertation. There will be a description of the hot topics in the finance field nowadays. Hence, let’s get started with today’s discussion with the question below:

Good topics for an MBA dissertation in finance

Selecting a good topic is the first requirement of any dissertation, let alone an MBA dissertation. It is the first step that you take towards your success. Therefore, in this section, let’s discuss some topics you can consider exploring in your finance dissertation. There will be a brief description of each topic along with its title to make you understand better. Hence, a brief overview of all the hot topics is as follows:

Topic no.1: Investing in Pakistan’s energy sector – obstacles and opportunities

Pakistan nowadays is facing a severe energy crisis due to its intense reliance on oil and gas. Recently Pakistan has offered investment opportunities of 100 Billion Dollars in its energy sector. Therefore, exploring this topic further can be good for your dissertation. You will talk about the obstacles, like import tax and others, in your dissertation. Discussing the opportunities in the energy sector is also a major part of this dissertation. The primary research questions you can address in this dissertation are:

  • Why Pakistan’s energy sector poses a potential windfall for investors.
  • Why is investing in Pakistan’s energy sector a smart investment?

Topic no. 2: Foreign investment and its effects on economic growth in Zambia

It is the second topic that you can study in your finance dissertation. The purpose of this research will be to investigate the impacts of foreign direct investment (FDI) on the economic growth of Zambia. This research is going to be based mostly on the secondary data available about the investments in Zambia. Therefore, you will have to rely mostly on internet sources, so make sure they are credible enough.

Topic no. 3: Do microfinance companies really help even the poorest of the poor?

It is one of my favorite topics for MBA dissertation. Microfinancing is very much in, in these days. The banks that provide such services claim to provide easy loans to poor people and small businesses for their help. In the past, this industry has been dogged by the claims that it is just a” business model” and does not help the poor people. So, in your dissertation on this topic, you will critically evaluate all the financial risks associated with microfinancing. So, it is a great topic, and you can use primary as well as secondary data.

Topic no. 4: The Saudi economic reform and its effects on foreign direct investment

Economic reforms are an important factor in the economic growth of any country. In past years, Saudi Arabia has introduced many economic reforms to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). It happened when the oil prices majorly reduced and came down to 40$ a barrel. It is a hot topic nowadays in Saudia. Therefore, you can consider this topic for your finance dissertation. in this dissertation, you will discuss the policies of the Saudi government regarding FDI. You should study the reports published by the Committee for Economic Affairs (CEA) to collect the data related to this. However, most of the data will be secondary in this dissertation.

Topic no. 5: Comparing financial advancements in Asia and Europe

Financial advancements in Asia are far less than in Europe. It is because the financial crisis in Europe attracts more help from the world than in Asia. So, studying this topic in your finance dissertation can be a good thing. There is a lot of data available on this on the internet. If you cannot find enough data on this, You can hire MBA dissertation writing services in UK. Moreover, the aim of this topic is to compare the advancements that happened in Europe and Asia and their possible effects. Hence, you can consider this topic if you are interested.

Topic no. 6: What challenges do financial companies face in emerging economies?

Emerging or developing economies are potential risks for financial companies. It is because these economies are volatile and can crash at any time. Therefore, financial companies need to be very careful. You can write your dissertation on this topic because more and more investors and financial companies are now investing in such economies. This dissertation is going to aim to explain the potential challenges and risks associated with this investment. Hence, you can consider this one of the hot topics for MBA dissertation these days.

Topic no. 7: Cryptocurrency: Are we ready to digitalise the monetary world?

Like emerging economies, cryptocurrency is also volatile. It goes up in one minute and comes down the next minute. But there is no doubt that these digital currencies have grown to trillion-dollar technologies within a very short span of time. But are we still ready to go into the digital monetary world? This is the question that still needs to be answered. You can play your part by answering this question in your dissertation. Hence, you can adopt this topic for your dissertation.


The best place to get information related to MBA dissertation topics is the internet. You have to research online and get ideas which can be used in your business management dissertation. Many MBA dissertation help websites are there which can help you with topic ideas to write a good business management dissertation.






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