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Free Psychology Dissertation Topics for Masters Dissertation

Psychology Dissertation Topics
Susan Wray
August 30, 2022

A psychology dissertation is the last stage of your doctoral/masters study, which is made after years of research work on a specific topic related to your discipline. You usually write a psychology dissertation in a formal academic tone by using the American Psychological Association style guide. In a psychology dissertation, you include the current literature and independent research of your own on a psychology topic of your interest. To conduct psychological research properly, it is important that you choose your dissertation topic carefully. Your topic needs to have practical significance for today’s world. Only then can you write an effective psychology dissertation. There are many psychology dissertation topics that you can choose from, but it is best that you choose a topic according to your interest. This article will give you 10 Free Psychology Dissertation Topics for Masters’ Dissertation.

Free psychology dissertation topics: 

Following are some psychology dissertation topics that you can use for your masters dissertation:

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The effect of social media on consumer behaviour and buying patterns:

You can conduct a quantitative study on this topic. Today, social media is playing a huge role in every aspect of life. For instance, the famous incident where Facebook was used to change the thinking of voters in the 2016 US elections for president has accelerated the discussion of the true impact of social media. Social media is now being widely used for marketing purposes to impact the buying patterns of customers. The aim of this dissertation will be to give an explanation of why, how and when social media platforms have impacted the decision-making process of consumers. This topic is important both in the psychology and marketing fields.

Treatment of anxiety disorder by legalizing illegal narcotics:

There are many countries where medical marijuana is legalized. Because of this, it is crucial to critically examine the effects of illegal drugs on several anxiety disorders. You can discuss whether this is just a trend going all over the world or whether it can actually treat anxiety disorders. Anxiety has now become very common in this modern world. Thus, this topic can be very significant in the field of psychology.

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Harassment in the workplace:

One of the most important psychology dissertation topics is sexual harassment. It is important to note that the MeToo movement is widespread all over the world. MeToo has been a viral hashtag on Twitter and Instagram in the last couple of years. The purpose of this movement is to show the prevalent rates of harassment cases in the workplace. Thus, it is important to research the need to examine the effect of this movement. You will examine if this movement has the potential to prevent assaults or not. You will also discuss both the positive and negative impact of this movement on the minds of people.

Importance of laws and regulations to reduce bullying at schools:

This research can be both qualitative and quantitative research. It is important to note that bullying at schools has now become widespread all over the world over the past few years. This is also leading to depression, anxiety and even suicide. Thus, it is a very important issue that needs to be addressed immediately for the sake of the mental health of the children. You can discuss in your dissertation the importance of legal regulations and frameworks that could safeguard the students at school from bullying based on disability, colour, harassment, religion, sex, and race.

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Role of parenting on the eating behaviour of children:

This research can be quantitative research. It is one of the most common psychology dissertation topics. There are many studies that show that the eating patterns of children are highly affected by parenting styles, especially if parents consume unhealthy food. Thus, it is important to assess the impacts of parenting structures on the eating pattern of the children. It is also important to determine the widespread disorders caused by it.

Privacy issues because of the facial recognition technology:

There is no doubt recent technology of facial recognition is breaching the privacy of people. If you misuse personal information, it can create a huge problem for the common man. This research will conduct a qualitative study with the aim of giving a psychological assessment of privacy issues that are caused by the recent technology.

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Personality type and mental illness.

It is important to note that some personality types can cause many mental disorders. This will be mixed research where you will discuss how certain types can cause mental disorders. You will conduct a correlation between mental disorders and personality types.

Online social networking and self-concept in young adolescents:

Online social networking is one of the most critical psychology dissertation topics. Studies show that young adolescents are substantial users of social networking through the internet. This research will focus on discussing the negative and positive impacts of online social networking.

Relationship between Depression and psychological distress:

There is a huge relationship between psychological distress and depression. You can conduct mixed research with the aim of giving a correlation between depression and psychological distress. You will also discuss solutions to address this problem.

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The psychology of religion:

Religion plays a huge role in defining the identity and personality of a person. It is happening long before the advancement of science and technology. However, nowadays, religion is widely used for discrimination. For instance, the main cause of the European migration crisis and islamophobia is the difference in religion. Thus, you will seek to assess the psychology of religion in this topic and determine the causes of religious fanaticism.


The above guide has given you ten important psychology dissertation topics which you can use in your masters’/PhD dissertation. Make sure that you choose a topic that interests you the most. Moreover, the topic must fill the existing literature gap and provides valuable insights to fellow researchers. This can help you get more marks in your dissertation. Meanwhile, if you need more topics, you can hire our services by clicking here.

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