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The Morality and Impact of Euthanasia – A Sample Essay

June 07, 2022
Essay Writing
John Caius
Impact of Euthanasia

To take a deliberate decision to end one’s life to relieve his pain is known as euthanasia. There are lots of impacts of euthanasia. This sample essay has been composed by a senior writer affiliated with Cheap Essay Writing UK to facilitate the essay writing process for students.

A person’s quality to differentiate between right and wrong is known as morality. Morality is known as a complex system to get an idea about the beliefs and concepts that are helpful for us to understand various religious and cultural concepts. To regulate these behaviours’ in society, we have to generalize these concepts. A person who is modifying and performing these acts of morality is known as a moral person. The main aim of a moral person is to flourish honesty and integrity in society.

Importance of morality

Undoubtedly, it is not easy for people to admit their mistakes, fulfil their promises and speak the truth in critical situations. Still, a moral person performs all of these activities. The importance of morality in the life of a person is explained below;

  • Achieve peace of mind

In their beliefs and actions, honest people feel proud of themselves. They are better positioned to enjoy sound sleep and stay calm throughout their lives.

  • Strengthen truth

If you have a moral character, people will believe that your character is reliable and you are in a better position to enjoy meaningful relationships with them. Moreover, they also try to provide value to your words.

  • Build a solid reputation

A man of character has enough magnets like characteristics to attract the people towards themselves. Moreover, they also enjoy a rock-solid reputation among the people. Its reason is that it is believed by the people that you will never try to deceive them.

  • Reduce anxiety

Moral people are also less anxious because they don’t try to play games with others. They have straightforward relations with others and don’t try to hurt anyone. As a result, other people also try to respect them and don’t try to hurt them.

  • Become a positive role model

Moral people also set some standards of excellence for other people. Their life is like open book, and people can quickly get lessons from their words and deeds.

What is euthanasia?

A deliberate action that a person takes to end his life to get relief from a terminal illness or severe pain is euthanasia. Euthanasia is a very complex process. There are many factors like local laws of a country, physical and mental health conditions of a person, and personal beliefs. Also, there are several types of euthanasia like assisted suicide, active euthanasia, passive euthanasia, voluntary euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia, etc. There are lots of debates about the legal impact of euthanasia. The legal issues of euthanasia also vary from one country to another country. Some countries have declared that it is legal, but some countries have not yet declared it legal.

Impacts of euthanasia

There is also some impact of euthanasia. These impacts are explained below;

  • Unbearable suffering

While justifying the legalization of euthanasia, most advocates have highlighted that unbearable suffering is one of the essential impacts of euthanasia. Its reason is that such drugs are given to the patients that are unbearable for them.

  • Family Conflict

It is a fact that every person has their own opinion and belief about any situation. Similarly, the family members have different beliefs and opinions about euthanasia. As a result, there is a possibility of conflicts among family members.

  • Financial Pressures

It is also a fact that the older people in their later age are less healthy than their young age. That’s why their beloved ones have to spend lots of money on their treatments. Due to the financial pressure, most older people prefer assisted suicide over expensive treatments.

  • Later Regrets

Most of the family members whose loved ones died due to euthanasia or assisted suicide have shared their experiences that they cannot leave a happy life after taking this crucial decision.


To show honesty and fairness in your dealings is known as morality. A moral person enjoys many benefits like achieving peace of mind, strengthening the truth, building a solid reputation, and becoming a positive role model in society. On the other hand, taking a deliberate decision to end his life to relieve your pain is euthanasia. There is the impact of euthanasia. It can cause unbearable suffering, create conflicts among the family members, and become a cause of financial pressure.


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