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Why Research Writing Is Considered A Difficult Task For Overseas Students?

Research Writing
Susan Wray
July 15, 2022

If you study in the UK, you might wonder why research writing is a difficult task for international students. This is one of the reasons why many consider research paper writing services instead of writing on their own.

Some common mistakes include the misuse of superlatives, inadequacies in the research paper, and insufficient interest in the work. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure your work meets the UK standards for scholarly writing.

Common Mistakes In Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing requires careful attention to detail. While evidence and logic are essential, the strict rules of academic writing can sometimes be intimidating to international students. They may misuse grammar rules, omit prepositions, or make spelling errors. They may also add background and irrelevant information that is irrelevant to the study. To avoid these errors, here are some tips to improve your writing:

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Misuse Of Citations

One common mistake in research paper writing is the use of citations. Citations should be used correctly to avoid plagiarism. Some students may not even cite all of their references, so citing them properly is essential. Besides, citing references correctly and using quotation marks should be a habit. An organized and well-written paper is a good way to increase your overall grade. It also helps if you’re aware of the most common mistakes.

Misuse Of Superlatives

A recent study examined the most common mistakes made by international students writing research papers. Researchers surveyed 44 ESL Arab-Israeli students and found that more than three-quarters produced research papers with numerous errors. While writing a research paper can be challenging for anyone, international students often struggle with the structure, lexical choices, and objectivity necessary for research writing. Below are some of the most common mistakes international students make in their research papers. These overseas students often need research paper help to sort out their problems.

Adjectives such as good, bad, and badly are commonly used as synonyms. However, when describing nouns, the correct form of these words is ‘good’ or ‘well’. Generally, the noun being described is a noun, and the correct form of an excellent is superlative. The use of superlatives should be limited to the most specific, accurate, and precise descriptions, not generalized statements that apply to a large group.

Lack Of Acculturation To UK Standards Of Scholarly Writing

Overseas students may face great pressure when it comes to writing and research in the United States. They may feel pressured to conform to the expectations of their host cultures, which can be difficult, and they may ask for more tangible resources. However, international students may also require one-on-one interaction with tutors and professors. Lack of acculturation to UK standards of scholarly writing is a common problem among international students, who often need more personalized attention to understand the academic culture.

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Lack Of Time To Write

If you lack time, you might find it difficult to complete a research paper. This type of paper is intended for professionals and requires objectivity, formality, and strict adherence to referencing and citation guidelines. The objectiveness of a research paper relies on evidence and logic, both of which are difficult to achieve when writing for overseas students. Other cultural impediments can affect a student’s writing style, such as the tendency to misunderstand the meaning of words such as ‘data’.

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