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Outlining A Persuasive Essay – Top 6 Strategies To Follow

Outlining A Persuasive Essay - Top 6 Strategies To Follow
Nicholas Norman
September 28, 2022

According to Shakespeare, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’. However, only a pen with blank thoughts cannot help you gain power. Despite Shakespeare being one of the sources of motivation for all of us, we still need to make our own personal style of writing effective essays. Being persuasive, specific, mysterious, emotional, and suspicious are all different colours to a picture discussed in an essay. However, in the upcoming sections of this article, we will entirely focus on the persuasive style of writing an essay. A persuasive essay gives us opportunities to creatively play with ideas, so readers can admire an author’s point of view. By reading this article, you cannot change your writing style at once, but believe me it will be very helpful in outlining a persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay- An Overview:

Give arguments, use facts or figures, and put in evidence to make your point valid; these are some of the main tasks to be completed in writing a persuasive. Suppose, after reading an essay, the reader still belongs to your opposition, then it simply means you fail to persuade your reader. To put it simply, a piece or document that helps a reader see a situation from an author’s eye is the crux of persuasive writing. Aside from standard writing skills, it allows authors to refer to their own personal experiences, makes an emotional appeal, and uses influential words to cast a spell over readers.

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Outlining A Persuasive Essay:

Whether someone what to write a scientific essay, informative essay, technical essay, or a white paper, outlining is a technique to take a head start. Outlining a persuasive essay helps construct, organise, and evaluate the information to be added to an essay. Good outlines prevent writers from committing any serious structuring and organisation mistakes. Thereby, let us discuss some top strategies for outlining a persuasive essay:

Be Ready To Outline A Persuasive Essay:

This strategy seems irrelevant, but without being ready you actually cannot give 100% to a writing task. Selecting the best time from a daily planner and deciding on the part of a day at which you can fully concentrate on your work are some steps of getting ready for outlining a persuasive essay.

Start By Having A Handful Of Good Persuasive Essay Samples:

These days, choosing the best samples or templates for your persuasive work is a matter of seconds. AI tools and the 24/7 availability of experts having professional experience in essay writing services make it easier to start by reading the most relevant samples.

Spend Time On The Topic Selection Of A Persuasive Essay:

Define your interest, explore your knowledge bank, and use the latest tools to decide on the topic for outlining a persuasive essay. Your perspective, interest, and knowledge are key factors determining the ways to success. Remember one more thing; persuasive topics need to be polemical than exploratory. Tip: it is better to consider some spheres like cultural, political, climate changes, and religion as polemical issues for outlining a persuasive essay.

Create A Thesis Statement:

A clean white paper and colourful pens collection will help you make an outline that not only organises your essay but also give it a funky look. At the top of the paper, placing the topic of a persuasive essay will help you stay connected with the main objectives throughout the essay. Right after the topic is the place for the thesis statement. A clear and transparent thesis statement will help you in opening your essay without leaving any communication gap.

Enlist All The Topic Sentences To Introduce Different Body Paragraphs:

At this phase, you must brainstorm and find claims that can warrant your thesis statement. To ensure persuasion, strong evidence, personal experiences, quality information, examples, life events of celebrations, or information from scientific reports should be placed right after the topic sentences.

Specify The Main Point To Be Discussed In Conclusion:

While writing the conclusion, the main responsibility of a writer is to present the crux of the story or essay so it may have a strong impact on readers. In conclusion, you must conclude all topic sentences, present final notes on the main topic, and give future perspectives or advice. Thus, in outlines, you must write all this information in the form of pointers, so the only thing left for the drafting phase is ‘the elaboration of these pointers’.

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Final Thoughts:

The article has discussed the six top strategies for outlining a persuasive essay. Among these, the most practical one is to use the thesis statement to align all paragraphs in the body. However, in addition to these strategies, you can also use other artistic ways such as mapping and clustering methods of organising ideas in persuasive essays.

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