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Essay on Global Warming – A Sample Essay to Learn the Way of Writing

Essay on Global Warming
Susan Wray
August 25, 2022

Do you know about global warming, its causes, and solutions? It is sad to know that you do not know anything about today’s world’s most challenging problem. Moreover, you also have an essay to write on this topic. So, I wonder how you will write an essay on global warming with little or no knowledge. You definitely need some guidelines to write such an essay. The reason is that writing an essay on global warming requires tons of knowledge and writing expertise. Keeping this in mind, today’s article is about writing an essay on global warming. There will be guidelines and an essay sample on this subject. So, let’s head to the guidelines first, and after that, I will move forward to a sample.

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Some Top-Notch Global Warming Essay Writing Guidelines

Global warming essentially means an increase in the Earth’s temperature. It happens due to the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities. Knowing the root causes of this huge problem is the first step. However, a brief description of the guidelines that can be helpful to you in writing an essay on global warming is as follows:


Being the essay with an introduction

First things first, you need to start writing your essay with an introductory paragraph. This introductory paragraph must highlight the problem, its historical background, and the importance of addressing the problem. Talking about the origin of the problem or the era when it started causing problems to humans is also good.

Gather some facts and figures

The second guideline is about conducting effective research and gathering some concrete facts and figures about the essay topic. To collect such information, make sure that you take support from the top journal articles and research papers. The reason is that such sources contain authentic, reliable, and valid pieces of information.

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Craft the body paragraphs

Before crafting body paragraphs, introducing and researching the topic is a must. So, once you are done with these two steps, start writing the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph must discuss one cause and its solutions. The next cause and solution should go in the next paragraph. Also, your body paragraphs should include solid pieces of evidence.

Make use of transition words

Transition words are the words that make your transition from one paragraph to another easy. So, use such words when you jump from one body paragraph to the other. Examples of such words include accordingly, consequently, besides, in addition to etc.

Conclude the topic well

The last section of your essay on global warming is the conclusion section. Here, you conclude your topic and give your final verdict. How do you do this? It is simple. All you need to do is take the facts and figures and reiterate them in this section. Be mindful about adding anything new in this section. The conclusion only discusses what has already been discussed.

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A sample essay on global warming

A sample essay on global warming

“Global warming is a lethal phenomenon where the world’s temperature increases each hour, each minute, and each second. This increment in temperature is all thanks to humans, who emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide are damaging our protective layer, i.e., ozone (a layer which traps the hazardous cosmic and ultraviolet rays of the Sun). This paves the way for more dangerous rays of the Sun to hit us. Do we have another planet to live on? Unfortunately, no. We are only bestowed with this planet called Earth that can sustain life. Extreme weather conditions are a result of this global warming. However, it is not the only consequence. There are countless effects of global warming on human life.

The sea level is rising each year due to the unprecedented melting of glaciers. As an estimate, the sea level is getting raised by 0.12 inches per year worldwide. It is all happening due to the uncontrollable melting of the polar ice caps, which were frozen for many, many millions of years. As a result of this change in the sea level, the frequency of natural hazards like floods has also increased by manifolds in different parts of the world. The Arctic Ocean is one of the most severely hit areas of the world due to global warming.

Moreover, with global warming, we are experiencing hotter and hotter days. Each year, the records of temperatures are getting broken. Can you imagine a cold country like the UK experiencing 38 oC temperature this summer? Yes. In some parts of the world, like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, the temperature has touched the 54 degrees Celsius mark this summer. These intense weathers are giving rise to many other natural hazards like droughts, forest fires across the world, and heat waves.

Furthermore, the world’s oceans are becoming warmer and warmer each year. The acidification of the oceans is also a result of global warming. As these water bodies, i.e., seas and oceans, absorb most of the Carbon Dioxide and heat, they have become more acidic and a threat to life underwater. In addition to this, global warming is also becoming the cause of stronger storms in the coastal areas, leading to the destruction of coastal highways and residents.

It is better late than never. As we do not have another planet to live on except Earth, we all must take action to control the rising sea levels, put a break to rising temperatures, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming is a real threat to humanity, and we all must act together to combat the rising temperatures.”


Writing an essay on global warming is not an easy task. You need to equip yourself with unassailable arguments and bulletproof pieces of evidence to write such an essay. However, the essay writing guidelines given above can help you a lot. The essay sample that we have written above is the best example for you to learn about writing an essay. So, read the whole article and craft the essay. Still having any issues? Hire a cheap essay writing service from us to experience a well-written and properly formatted essay.

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