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Application of Inquiry and Research in Academic Writing

Inquiry and Research
Susan Wray
September 01, 2022

Inquiry and research are two very significant parts of the field of academic writing. You cannot write any academic piece effectively without conducting proper research and inquiry, whether it is an academic paper or some other publication. It is because academic writing demands new ideas and concepts which you cannot generate without inquiring about different questions and analyzing multiple resources. Only this way your academic work can become unique and useful to the world. You can contribute a lot in the practical world if you know the art of research and inquiry. That is why; this article will show you the application of inquiry and research in academic writing.

6 Applications Of Inquiry And Research In Academic Writing:

Enhance Learning:

Inquiry and research lead to a process of learning which includes several activities which can be important for students in academic writing, such as asking own questions, analyzing several resources of information and data, thinking critically to understand the collected information in a better way and creating and communicating knowledge and new concepts. All of these things help to enhance learning. When students do inquiry in academic writing, they can make connections with others actively, which can improve social and communication skills. They can learn that failure or be wrong is not just normal but an essential part of the learning process.

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Generate Interesting Ideas:

Inquiry and research also help to generate interesting and new ideas. Through inquiry, students are able to engage with essential questions related to their research topic. Inquiry allows the student to question various things, which can lead to the creative development of new ideas and knowledge. In this way, they can find useful information during the academic writing process. Research and inquiry are both unique and essential in academic writing because it puts students in a position where they can think out of the box and generate interesting ideas. This can empower them to follow their instinct or sense of wonder to discover new things.

Promotes Critical Thinking:

Another application of inquiry and research in academic writing is that they can help to promulgate critical thinking. At every level, students are doing contribute to the research. Some are actually writing research papers, some are participating in research studies, and some are giving ideas worth exploring in the research literature. Because of this, master’s and PhD students have more motivation to engage in the surrounding environment and become more perspective. Greater engagement among students can help them to become more active in the learning process during their degrees. The process involved in academic research writing is based on various inquiry methods where students can ask various questions. In this way, professors will not spoon-feed information to the students. Thus, research can be an effective method of developing critical thinking.

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Challenging Assumptions:

With the help of inquiry and research, students are encouraged to inquire about what to hear, read and collect. It is because, in academic writing, any publication and article older than five years are not considered current and valuable. Thus, you need to use current sources in academic writing. In this way, you can become more familiar with academic research. By getting more understanding of the research, students can start to generate their own concepts. They could discover new research ideas by thinking about the things that have not been answered yet. With the help of this notion, students can learn many things during their degree program. This will prepare them to build a successful academic career as research connects them to their field material in a better way. However, many students face difficulty in the research process. For this, there are many assignment writing services that can help you in your academic writing research.

Understand Wider Areas of Life:

Research and inquiry can help to understand life in a better way. The fundamental type of research is usually called pure research or basic research. The purpose of this research is not just to find solutions to some issues. But the main aim of pure research is to think critically about the wider areas of life. There are usually not many practical benefits of pure research. However, pure research can be highly beneficial to gain benefits for the future. There are many scientists that make huge discoveries with the help of pure research. Sometimes, they do not plan anything and discover new things and ideas through the process of pure research. The aim of pure research is to get a better understanding and knowledge related to this world and generate new theories. Many researchers often conduct pure research just to discover new tools, strategies and techniques for research. It is important to note that there is no specific timeframe for basic research. Many researchers carried out pure research for several years.

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Solutions to the Current Problems:

There are many current issues in the world that can be solved through research and inquiry in academic writing. For this, researchers use applied research to get answers to current issues of this world. You can do applied research to verify the results of previous research and studies. You can also use applied research to solve various problems related to the practical lives of people. For instance, scientists have found the cure for many diseases with the help research. This means that the results of the research can benefit the real world in many ways. It is important that there is a specific timeframe in the applied research that you strictly need to follow. You cannot conduct the applied research for several years as you need to find results before the deadline. It is important to note that you can use the findings of basic research in applied research in many ways. It is because basic research provides procedures, techniques and tools which can be used to find solutions in applied research.

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With the help of the above guide, you can understand the application of inquiry and research in academic writing. You can solve many problems in this world through research. You can develop critical thinking that can help you in your academic writing. This means good research is essential for good academic writing.

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