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30 Free Academic Research Topic Ideas For Phd Dissertation

30 Free Academic Research Topic Ideas For Phd Dissertation
John Caius
November 11, 2022

Selecting a research topic is a very challenging task that most students go through. Selecting an academic research topic for PhD dissertation is even more challenging. The future of students depends on this one decision. Good research on a good research topic means the future of students is bright. However, many students find it difficult to choose a research topic that suits their interests. Due to this, they are always confused. If you are one of those students, then after reading this article, you will no longer be confused. In today’s article, we will discuss the top 30 hot and trending academic research topics. So, let’s start.

Top 30 Academic Research Topics For Phd Students

It does not matter in which field you are doing your PhD; a dissertation is an essential part of it. Without writing it, you cannot get your degree. Also, to write a dissertation, you need a topic to write on. Hence, below is the list of the top 30 academic research topics. The good thing is that all topics are listed field by field. So, this is going to help you no matter what your major or field of study is.

Medical And Healthcare Research Topics

The medical field is the most diverse, complicated, and dynamic field of all. In this field, you either develop a new remedial measure for the treatment of patients or look at the causes and effects of something bad for human health. The topics that you can study in this field are:

  • The positive effects of fats on the human body and mind.
  • The influence of IT in the medical and healthcare field
  • Computer imaging and AI for the detection of cancer
  • Ways to speed up the vaccine development processes
  • The age of antibiotics: is it over?

Engineering Research Topics

Engineering is a long-known profession in the history of mankind. This profession is also on a rollercoaster of change due to the development of new technologies. Some of the hot academic research topics in this field are as follows:

  • The use of neural networks in the field of civil engineering
  • German mechanical engineering industry as a global standard
  • Integration of computer science in electrical engineering
  • Some biggest accomplishments in the history of biomedical engineering
  • The use of infrared thermography in construction engineering

Business Research Topics

The business field is the most diverse field in today’s world. With more and more enterprises showing up each day, this field is going through a lot of change, and there is so much to research in this field. Some academic research topics that you can study are as follows:

  • Problems of sexual harassment at work and how to tack them
  • Cross-functional collaboration in the decision-making process
  • Evaluation of the use of technology in modern supply chain management
  • The impact of industry 4.0 on businesses
  • Creative marketing – A technique to boost your sales

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Psychology Research Topics

Psychology is the field of study that deals with human behaviour and reactions to something. It deals with stress and disorders that come from different areas of life. Choosing a topic in this field is really difficult. If you also find it difficult, do not hesitate to get a PhD dissertation help. Some hot topics in this field are as follows:

  • Childhood neurosis effects on adult mental health
  • A comparison of different therapies to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mental health issues in the youth of the UK
  • Risk factors associated with eating disorders
  • The impact of colour, race, and gender on a child’s development
  • How bullying at school affects the learning of a student.
  • Correlation between eating and anxiety disorders

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Sociology Research Topics

Sociology academic research topics are those that deal with societal issues and their remedies. Sociology is a very broad field, and various other fields are also attached to it. Such topics normally deal with how a study works. Some sociology topics are as follows:

  • The deadly effects of divorce on children
  • How does single parenting affect the development of a child?
  • How do international marriages change with time?
  • The role of social sanctions in modern society
  • The effects of the blind religious following on societal matters
  • Should female workers have the same rights as male workers?
  • The influence of romantic comedies on women love making patterns
  • The gender differences in the education sector and professional sector

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Choosing an academic research topic is undoubtedly a challenging task. The requirements of such a topic make it very hard for students to decide. Most of the students always remain confused about the choice of their academic research topics. Therefore, in this guidepost, we have discussed the top 30 research topics. As a PhD student and depending on your field of study, you can choose any of the topics discussed above.

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